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Winter solstice custom in Huize, Yunnan

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in ancient China, people regarded the winter solstice as an important festival. For emperors and officials, this day should welcome the winter and worship the heaven; In the folk, people also have the tradition of congratulating each other on winter. Over time, the custom of celebrating the winter solstice continues to this day. In Huize, Yunnan, people call the winter solstice festival "winter", so let the old yellow calendar introduce you the winter solstice custom in Huize, Yunnan.


in ancient Huize, how did people spend the winter solstice? It is recorded in the "Customs" section of Dongchuan Fu Zhi that "Ciba and baits are fed to each other during the winter solstice." it can be seen that on the winter solstice, people celebrate each other and give each other Ciba and baits as gifts in order to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle. Over time, Ciba and baits have become the main food in Huize during the winter solstice, It fully reflects the dietary characteristics of local ethnic minorities.


in addition, Huize is an immigrant city. Immigrants in Jiangnan area will also bring the eating customs of the original winter solstice to Huize, so there is the custom of eating wonton and dog meat on the day of the winter solstice. In the old days, Huize city and its suburbs had the habit of eating dog meat in winter. Especially during the winter solstice festival, several friends made an appointment to kill a dog, dug a soil stove in the garden and cooked it in the earthenware casserole of the mud digging village.


in Huize, dog meat is generally not cooked in the room. People think that dog meat is gas and boiling, which is easy to hate villains or things, which is unlucky. Dog meat that can be cooked with earthenware outside the house is authentic and fragrant. It is really a good tonic in winter.


in Huize, the custom of eating Ciba in the winter solstice has been followed up to now. As soon as winter comes, the rice is harvested. As stated in the Qing Jialu: "when you enter the wax, gather rural men and women, and pound the rice. If you hide it in the barn, it is called winter and spring rice. At this time, there are not only japonica rice, but also glutinous rice.


in addition, Qiaojia, which is adjacent to Huize, has a hot climate. In winter, it is the time to harvest sugarcane and squeeze new sugar. The above new glutinous rice and newly squeezed brown sugar have created conditions for the production of Ciba during the winter solstice festival.


people pound glutinous rice with a pestle, soak the glutinous rice in water, steam it in a steamer, put it in a stone pestle, pound it into a paste with a stone pestle, and make it into a round shape. People call it Ciba. Put the Ciba in a Dang pot, cook it in a Kang, put it in the fried soybean foam, sprinkle it with the sugar syrup of qiaojiaxin sugar, and it can be eaten. The glutinous rice is fragrant and soft, and the sweet smell of soybean foam and brown sugar overflows.

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