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Winter solstice health care is very different between men and women

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tomorrow is December 22, 2017, and the annual winter solstice solar term is coming. In China, there is a saying that "the sun of the winter solstice generates and the spring comes again", which means that after the winter solstice, Yin Qi flourishes and declines, and Yang Qi begins to germinate. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if men and women want to maintain health and health at this time, the methods are very different, let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


the winter solstice is when Yin Qi rises and falls, and Yang Qi begins to sprout. Such an important solar term, we should naturally take good care of our body. For men and women, there are different emphases.


are cold for men and hot for women, kidney for men and liver for women, and winter solstice for health. There is a saying of "cold for men and hot for women". Women are cold by nature, so they are afraid of the cold; Men are born with Yang dryness, so they are afraid of heat. In cold winter, men and women always have different perceptions of temperature. Accordingly, there is the saying that "men nourish the kidney and women nourish the liver".

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney has the functions of storing essence, controlling growth, development, reproduction and water metabolism, which is known as the "congenital foundation". Kidney deficiency and essence loss is one of the important factors causing visceral dysfunction and diseases. Therefore, health practitioners take nourishing the kidney as an important measure of anti-aging and anti-aging.


women are blood-based and liver is congenital. For women, the importance of the liver is self-evident. The liver is the official of the general. It is the main catharsis. It likes to be up-to-date and hates depression. The liver stores blood. It is determined to be angry. It enlightens the eyes and governs the tendons of the whole body. Therefore, anger hurts the liver. Diseases related to eyes, tendons or gynecological problems are often related to the liver.

so in the solar term of winter solstice, men should pay attention to nourishing the kidney and women should pay attention to nourishing the liver.


during the winter solstice, men should control sexual intercourse according to their actual situation. They should not be tired and hurt their kidney qi due to improper sexual intercourse. The kidney is the innate foundation. If the kidney essence is sufficient, the internal organs are prosperous, the disease resistance is strong, and the body is strong, people can live a long life. On the contrary, the deficiency of kidney essence leads to the deficiency and failure of the five zang organs, multiple diseases and early death. Strict and regular abstinence from sex life is a necessary guarantee for health and longevity.


after the winter solstice, men should eat more warm food and less cold things to take care of their stomach qi. Spicy foods and condiments such as garlic, onion, ginger, star anise and fennel can help dryness hurt Yin, aggravate internal heat and make dryness evil invade the human body. It is not suitable to eat more. Men should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as Kiwi fruit and Liuding.

in addition, men should eat more hot porridge for health preservation in winter. Often eating this kind of porridge has the function of increasing calories and nutrition. Take hot porridge in the morning and diet at dinner to nourish stomach qi. In particular, glutinous rice, red jujube porridge, Babao porridge and millet porridge are the most suitable. It can't be better with longan, sesame, Hu Tao, Poria cocos, jujube and Tremella.

and for women, keeping warm in winter is very important. Women belong to cold constitution. They should eat less cold food every day, especially when they are in the physiological cycle. They should pay more attention to the scientificity of diet. When you go out in winter, you should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, strengthen the warmth preservation of your neck and abdomen, and do not reduce your clothes due to beauty. Once you catch cold, it is easy to cause irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms and damage your health.

in addition, cold comes from the soles of the feet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cold in the human body enters the human body from the earth through the feet. Therefore, soaking feet can effectively help women keep warm. Soak your feet in hot water at about 40 ℃ for 15 to 30 minutes before going to bed every day, which can not only relieve low back pain, but also promote sleep. The foot soaking water should not be too shallow. At least it should not be over the foot surface, and the effect will be better if it is soaked with the lower leg.

after the winter solstice, women should focus on nourishing the liver. Liver belongs to wood in the five elements. Nourishing liver should first nourish yin, followed by nourishing blood. The liver is responsible for storing blood and regulating blood volume. If there is a problem with the blood supply in the body, the liver must be blamed, so nourishing the liver must nourish blood. Women can eat more onions, garlic, buckwheat, shepherd's purse, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum, lettuce, eggplant, cucumber, mushroom, etc.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver cannot be replenished. Once replenished, it will get angry. Tonifying the spleen and kidney can nourish the liver. The liver is the main muscle of wood, and the kidney water is soft. It is appropriate to nourish water and contain wood. Therefore, at the winter solstice, women can take Dingkun pill to soothe the liver and regulate qi. Dingkundan selects 30 flavored medicinal materials such as red ginseng, pilose antler, Panax notoginseng, saffron, angelica, Rehmannia glutinosa and donkey hide gelatin to achieve the effect of comprehensively regulating women's body by supplementing qi and nourishing blood, soothing liver and regulating qi, tonifying kidney and spleen.

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