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Count nine cold days and start the winter solstice today

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

"the shore is waiting for the wax to ease the willows, the mountain is cold and wants to put the plum." today is December 22, 2017, the annual winter solstice solar term. From today, people will usher in the coldest nine cold days of the year. So in this cold season, how should people keep healthy? Let the old yellow calendar bring you expert advice.


winter solstice, also known as "winter festival", "long solstice" and "sub year old", is one of the 24 solar terms and a traditional festival with a long history in China. In the past, people even said that "the winter solstice is as big as a year", which shows that people pay attention to the winter solstice.


, "count nine", also known as "winter nine nine", is a miscellaneous solar term created by the ancients in China. It is calculated from the winter solstice every year, counting from "Nineteen" to "Nine Nine". The ancients thought that after the winter solstice, spring would return to the world.

then how should people keep healthy in the cold days? According to health experts, the winter solstice health preservation should first pay attention to the physical health of the middle-aged and elderly. The specific health preservation methods can be summarized as 20 words, that is, calm and worry less, work hard but don't overdo, abstinence and essence preservation, diet and daily care.


in the winter solstice diet, people should eat a variety of foods. Grain, fruit, meat and vegetables should be reasonably matched. High calcium foods should be appropriately selected. At the same time, people should eat a light diet, eat a small amount of many meals, and eat warm, cooked and soft things. Daily care should be regular, do not walk fast, do not sit for a long time, and do not lie very tired. Experts from


suggest that you often eat mutton stewed radish from the winter solstice. It is said that this is the first choice of the royal family on the winter solstice day. It has the effect of Supplementing Qi and deficiency, warming the lower body, and is more suitable for those with weak waist and knees, sleepiness and fatigue, impotence, spleen and stomach deficiency and cold.

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