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What are the activities of Sanjiu Tibetan winter fun modern winter solstice

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The winter solstice of

is also known as "yiyangsheng". The ancients believed that at this time, Yin Qi flourished and declined, and Yang Qi sprouted, which is an auspicious day. In addition, because the winter solstice was the beginning of the new year thousands of years ago, it has attracted more attention among the people, with various activities to welcome and celebrate winter. So in modern times, what activities do people do during the winter solstice? Let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


enjoy winter snow. In cold winter, snowflakes fall all over the sky like goose feathers. Snowflakes fall on the branches, just like trees full of flowers overnight. The world is covered with silver, pure and beautiful.


drinking winter tea is not only a way of life, but also a social and cultural activity. When it's cold, watching the snow through the window and drinking a few cups of tea can not only keep out the cold, but also eliminate the idle time in winter.


watch the winter plum blossom bloom in the severe cold. It is beautiful in the snow and fragrant in the cold. Therefore, it is deeply loved by many people and is often regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness. It is one of the three friends of winter and does not compete with flowers for spring. Since ancient times, people have praised its proud spirit.


enjoy winter fishing. "Thousands of mountains and birds fly away, and thousands of paths and people disappear. The lone boat, the coir hat Weng, fish the cold river snow alone." the fishermen are in the nature, taste the pleasant feelings between the mountains and rivers, and enjoy this beautiful and leisurely time.

eat winter food "eat winter solstice noodles, one line a day." when the cathode reaches, Yang Qi begins to grow, the sun reaches south, the day is short, and the sun shadow grows. In addition to winter solstice noodles, dumplings, glutinous rice balls and eight treasure porridge are all traditional delicacies for tonifying the sun and keeping out the cold.


recorded in the vulgar "Zhou Lichun official · Shenshi": "the winter solstice will lead to gods, gods and ghosts." the ancients believed that since the winter solstice, the Yang of heaven and earth began to flourish and become stronger, representing the beginning of the next cycle, which is a auspicious day. Therefore, many areas later had the custom of offering sacrifices to heaven and ancestors on the winter solstice.


exercise carefully in winter. The climate tends to be cold at the winter solstice, and the Yang Qi of heaven and earth is hidden. Winter is also the best time for the human body to recharge. In daily life, you should go to bed early and get up late. People who have the habit of morning exercise should pay attention that the time of morning exercise should not be too early, so as not to induce respiratory and cerebrovascular diseases or make the original diseases relapse.

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