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What do you know about the winter solstice custom in Northern Shaanxi, the center of the Loess Plateau

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as early as more than 2500 years ago, the ancients of our country established the winter solstice solar term. Since then, it has been widely spread among the people, and interesting winter solstice customs have gradually formed all over the country, some of which have been spread to today. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the winter solstice customs in Northern Shaanxi, the center of the Loess Plateau.


"winter cooking" improve the food in Suide area to the north. On this day, we pay attention to "winter" and "winter cooking". Meet and greet: "do you want to spend the winter today?" xizizi replied, "do you want to spend the winter!" that is, the family needs to improve their food. At this time, the sheep were fat and began to go out. People with better scenery boil mutton. Generally, people eat "mutton rolling cabbage". Silage cabbage is also a good thing in winter in Northern Shaanxi, which is higher than pickled cabbage.


Wuqi people also eat mutton, but they eat "sheep bone flowers", and a large pot is full of sheep's front leg bones. After a big meal, you will eat a pile of sheep bone blossoms like mahjong, coated with red and blue ink, and become the toys of "turning bone blossoms" for daughters. On this day, people from Wuqi stirred a pot of buckwheat to adjust the food.


stir fry winter in Zichang and Zizhou in the hinterland of Northern Shaanxi. It is necessary to "stir fry winter" at the winter solstice. As the old saying goes, "stir fry in the winter solstice, and it will be good in the coming year.". At this time, it was not long after the new harvest of millet and beans. He took black beans and corn, set up a pot, and held some firewood. There was a burst of cracking noise, which made the child's heart burn. The pumpkin seeds accumulated in the autumn are also fried yellow at the moment, which can relieve the greedy mouth.


in the annals of Yanchuan County by Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty, there is another saying of "fried wine": "on the winter solstice, it is called fried wine when mixed with minced meat", which is a unique method of "fried winter". There is also a kind of fried cake bubble, which is actually a food to comfort children in difficult days in the past. After


pastries or a little white flour are launched, people with good conditions will add an egg, knead it into a noodle stick with the thickness of chopsticks, cut it into several small dough bumps the size of fingernail cap, and fry it in the pot. The mother distributed food to the children whose eyes were open. "Ga Si" sounded crisp, like the smell of coke and wheat in the kiln.

at this time, there are always craftsmen who give popcorn under the village tree or by the side of the road. Every family does not lack corn. Measure the corn seeds in a small porcelain jar and wait patiently for the white popcorn. It would be better if there was a little saccharin at home. When you join the converter, the popcorn is sweet and loved by children. Now it seems that the middle-aged man who explodes popcorn can be said to be a Chinese folk version of "Santa Claus".

fried oil cake fried oil cake can be regarded as a heavyweight ceremonial food in Northern Shaanxi. Moving the oil pot is generally a family event. The annals of Huaiyuan County in the Qing Dynasty said: "New Year's Day is the most important when you are old." on this day, "Huasan millet cake is fed, and the countryside pays homage to each other, such as new year's Day ceremony."

and because many places in Northern Shaanxi attach great importance to the winter solstice, some people also fry oil cakes at this time. In the annals of Yan Sui town in the Qing Dynasty, it is recorded that "November is the longest day, fed by millet cake". The new rice is delicious, and the oil cake fried with new soft rice has strong rice flavor, which is very soft and waxy. The old rice the next year is much worse, it will harden and taste worse.


are in some places, but there are also some areas in the winter solstice, so we don't pay attention to the winter solstice. For example, Luochuan and Huangling in the south of Northern Shaanxi do not record the "age" in the county chronicles. It's not a civilian Festival, and people don't pay much attention to the winter solstice. There's no special food customs and attention. At the beginning of the Republic of China, Yanchang county annals said: "on the winter solstice, gentlemen's families offer sacrifices to their ancestors and go to congratulate each other. Ordinary people do not make gifts.".


in this area, however, there was a custom of "chasing the top" for teachers in winter. In the late winter, there will be a holiday soon. The so-called "winter is bitter and cold, and sitting can't lead to wax". Parents and students bring their own food, white steamed buns, roosters, potato dates and peanuts, and have a meal to reward teachers, which is quite a teacher's day.


refer to Yichuan County annals of the Qing Dynasty, and you can see the relevant records: "when November comes, you worship officials, teachers and relatives and friends". There are quite ancient relics, and Yanchang luozishan area used to belong to Yichuan. Unfortunately, today, this is only a warm old thing that people aged last year will remember.

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