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What does Fanyu eat at the winter solstice in Guangdong

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today is the solar term of the winter solstice in 2017. As the folk saying goes, "the winter solstice is as big as the year". In the eyes of people, the winter solstice is even more important than the Spring Festival. Their pomp of celebrating the winter solstice can be said to be more grand than the Spring Festival. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what Panyu of Guangdong eats during the winter solstice.


, 番禹冬至吃什么,


are regarded as the natural transformation of yin and Yang and the blessing given by God. The winter solstice has been the most valued of the 24 solar terms since ancient times. In Guangdong, the importance of the winter solstice is even more unusual. "Winter solstice" and "fat winter and lean year" are even more important than the Spring Festival.


during the winter solstice, people in many parts of Guangdong have the custom of worshipping their ancestors. In addition to all families preparing wine and meat three animals, fruits and dumplings for worship, they also worship their ancestors in ancestral temples. Ancestor worship is usually held by clans. They often hold some ceremonies to remember their ancestors, such as killing pigs, slaughtering cattle, acting for gods, etc. Such as reading genealogy, telling family history, etc.


families also make steamed cakes, Ciba and glutinous rice balls, kill pigs and ducks, and prepare a rich dinner to celebrate. The traditional winter solstice dumplings must be salty. They are filled with Pueraria, pork and shrimp and served with chicken soup. They are very delicious.

roast wax on the winter solstice, most Cantonese have the custom of "adding vegetables" to eat winter solstice meat. Among them, roast wax is an essential traditional food on the winter solstice table in Panyu, Guangdong. In addition to offering sacrifices to their ancestors, the whole family prepared a table of big fish and meat, bacon and sausage, and ate it with a smile, hoping for good luck in the coming year.

Tangyuan Panyu people have a tradition of making Tangyuan at noon on the winter solstice. The whole family eats it together to show reunion. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is sweet in taste and warm in nature. It can nourish the healthy qi of the human body. After eating, it will give off heat all over the body and play a role in keeping out the cold and nourishing. It is most suitable for eating in winter. It is worth reminding that glutinous rice is not easy to digest. It is not suitable for friends with poor gastrointestinal efficacy and digestive function to eat more dumplings.


duck soup. The winter solstice food of Panyu people also has duck soup. The winter solstice is the most suitable time for health preservation and tonic. If it is suitable to eat Angelica ginger mutton soup before the winter solstice to fight Yin Qi, then after the winter solstice, you can choose old duck soup to nourish yin, moisten dryness and calm the heat in the body.


ducks have cool properties, and their "Qi" is relatively peaceful. For those with weak constitution and yin deficiency, eating duck soup can nourish yin. In addition to those with Yin deficiency, the elderly and children who are prone to cough, cold and other respiratory diseases, the middle-aged and young people who often feel tired, and the female friends with dry skin can choose to drink duck soup often, which can nourish yin and moisten dryness while tasting delicious food.

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