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Tips for making dumplings at winter solstice

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

today is the annual winter solstice solar term. I wonder if the students in the north have eaten dumplings? Nowadays, although many people buy ready-made dumplings directly from the market and cook them at home, many people still love the friendly taste of their own dumplings. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you some tips for making dumplings at the winter solstice. Let's learn quickly.


when the dumpling skin with eggs is more gluten and noodles, beat an egg in the noodles. The dumpling skin made in this way will not stick when making dumplings, and the cooked dumpling skin has special gluten.

cold water dough tastes good. When it is mixed with flour, the water and flour are in proportion. Usually, the ratio of flour to water is 2:1, and it is best to use cold water. The live flour should be fully and thoroughly kneaded in the middle for several times, and then wake up after kneading. This cooked dumpling tastes good.

how to make meat fillings? Many people have a headache when making meat fillings. They don't know how to make meat fillings delicate and delicious. In fact, it's very simple. Put the meat ready to be stuffed into the refrigerator and freeze it. Take it out after the meat is completely frozen, and then wipe the meat with a kitchen board. It's easy to wipe the meat into thin strips. At this time, just chop it gently with a knife, It only takes five minutes to finish.


when cooking dumplings, it is also skilled to add salt. Put a green onion in the water, add some salt after the water boils, and then put the dumplings. In this way, the boiled dumplings will not stick and are very delicious.


meat fillings are usually filled with some water. In order to make the meat fillings soft and smooth and have a good taste, stir them in one direction with water soaked in clear soup or pepper until they are "strong", and the fillings will form a ball.

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