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2018 health calendar Minnan holiday holiday is correct

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in less than a week, people will say goodbye to 2017 and enter a brand-new 2018. I believe everyone has new prospects and arrangements for work, study and life in the coming year, but in terms of physical health, you may not have a general plan, so let the old yellow calendar bring you the 2018 Minnan health calendar, Let you take care of your body during festivals and holidays.


January solar terms: light and severe cold holiday arrangement: New Year's day, January 1 holiday, and weekends. Health care reminder: Xiaohan health care should focus on warming the spleen and stomach and warming the kidney yang. It is more suitable for women to take tonic in the cold season.


seasonal delicacies: oysters, as the saying goes, "a little cold is better than a big cold". In addition, there are many social parties and busy work at the end of the year, and the body immunity is reduced. We should pay attention to cold prevention and eat more hot foods such as mutton, chicken, walnut kernel, jujube, longan meat and so on. In the coastal areas of Southern Fujian, oysters are the most plump in December of the lunar calendar. Choose oysters that are green in color, plump and clear, and not too big. In this way, they will be q and chewy.


February solar terms: Spring Festival, rain holiday arrangement: Spring Festival, 7 days off from February 15 to 21. Work on February 11 (Sunday) and February 24 (Saturday). Health care reminder: when all things grow, they should comply with Yang Qi. Pay attention to maintain emotional stability and don't get angry.


seasonal delicacies: the beginning of spring around the stove is the first of the 24 solar terms. At this time, we should pay attention to nourishing vitality and avoid emotional fluctuations. Eat more leek, Chinese toon, chrysanthemum, spring bamboo shoots, yam, taro, radish and other fresh vegetables and juicy fruits to supplement human body moisture.


February 2018 coincides with the Spring Festival, and the most important meal in Southern Fujian is called "sipping twenty-nine peace". Fish, meatballs, rice cakes and blood clams are essential. The steaming hot pot indicates that it will become more and more prosperous in the coming year.


folk festivals: there was a custom in ancient Fujian. On the evening of "Weiya" on December 16 of the lunar calendar, all business owners who hired clerks and clerks should prepare a sumptuous dinner and entertain all employees. During the dinner, the boss will take various forms to express his position on the changes of employees in the coming year, such as dismissing those who are incompetent, At the banquet, the head of a plate of chicken was aimed at the employee's seat, which means dismissal; Or for the man to be dismissed, arrange chopsticks in front of his seat, which means resignation; Another is that the boss personally toasted the man who was going to be dismissed to say goodbye.


folk festivals: the Spring Festival is to send God on December 23 (24) of the lunar calendar. It is said that the kitchen king and the gods went to heaven to report their work and report the good and evil of others. On this day, the folk custom prepares tribute offerings for the king of the kitchen stove. The purpose is to ask the king of the kitchen stove to "say good things from heaven and drive back for good luck."

on New Year's Eve, before and after the new year's Eve dinner, every household in all parts of the people should offer sacrifices to the gods and ancestors. After the sacrifice, the whole family gathered for a banquet, commonly known as "stove".


from the first day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, Xiamen is called "Chinese New Year". It takes fifteen years to pass. On the first day of the first month, people have to get up early and eat bowl noodles first in the morning, which means health and longevity in the new year. Everyone put on new clothes and paid a new year's visit to their relatives. When you meet friends on the road, you should congratulate each other on the new year. The fourth day of junior high school meets the God of wealth. On the last Lantern Festival, people will go out to enjoy the lanterns on the Shangyuan day.

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