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The severe cold weather is coming. What does Xiaohan eat

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on January 5, 2018, people will welcome the 23rd solar term of the year - Xiaohan. The Xiaohan solar term is just around the "March 9th" and its arrival marks the official arrival of the severe cold weather. All things in the world begin to enter the state of recuperation and rest. At this time, people who have been busy for a whole year finally have time to rest. Many people begin to take tonic and health care. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you what Xiaohan eats everywhere.


dishes come to Xiaohan, "old Nanjing" pays attention to eating dishes. In ancient times, the so-called cooking rice of poor people was cooking rice with green vegetables and salt; The slightly affluent family is accompanied by meat and ginger, which is delicious. Glutinous rice in vegetables and rice can replenish qi and resist cold evil; Ginger tastes pungent and warm, which can warm the lung and disperse the cold. These seemingly ordinary things today are unforgettable memories of Nanjing People's Xiaohan Festival.


Laba porridge are mostly similar to Laba Festival. Laba porridge is a traditional delicacy at this time, also known as Qibao Wuwei porridge. The earliest Laba porridge was cooked with red beans. Later, with local characteristics, the ingredients became more and more colorful. Eating a bowl of steaming Laba porridge in winter is not only delicious and nutritious, but also can increase happiness and longevity.

Kirin perch Kirin perch is a famous Guangzhou dish. It is not only delicious, but also unique in shape. Several ingredients are sliced together, just like a batch of Kirin. Bass has the effect of Tonifying the five internal organs and benefiting muscles and bones. The temperature drops sharply before and after the slight cold. Eating more fish can nourish the body.

Yangzhou fried rice Yangzhou fried rice is a dish, which belongs to a family delicacy. The main raw materials are rice, and the main ingredients are ham, eggs and peas, which are made by frying. Because Xiaohan is in the middle of winter, the soil Qi is prosperous and the kidney qi is weak. Therefore, in terms of diet, it is appropriate to reduce sweetness and increase bitterness, tonify the heart, help the lung and regulate the kidney. Yangzhou fried rice tastes delicious. Eating at this time can not only bring people a sense of satiety, but also enhance human function. Recommendation of


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