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Small cold solar terms and kidney strengthening tips

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The small cold solar terms of

and "sating Suyan flying through the smoke, Xiqiao waning moon and frost white" are the coldest time of the year. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that a key to health preservation at this time is to strengthen the kidney, so let the old yellow calendar introduce you some small tricks for strengthening the kidney suitable for the small cold solar terms, which is simple and easy.


heel lifting: tonifying the kidney, strengthening the foundation and expelling the cold. Many people are prone to cold hands and feet in winter because of poor Qi and blood. At this time, you can simply lift the heel to alleviate it. You also need to stand on tiptoe while lifting the heel, which is conducive to unblocking the foot three yin meridians.


three yin meridians of foot are distributed on the inner side of thigh, which are spleen meridians of foot Taiyin, liver meridians of foot Jueyin and kidney meridians of foot Shaoyin. The liver, kidney and spleen are in charge of rising, which can stimulate the middle Qi, so as to achieve the effect of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the foundation, and help people resist the severe cold in winter.


press Shenque: the rejuvenation acupoints stimulate vitality and Yuanshen. You should find them in the place where they live. This place is "Shenque". Shenque is a acupoint that makes people rejuvenate.


when pressing Shenque acupoint, you should be calm, concentrate your mind on the navel, count your breath, count to 100 times, and the time to press the navel is enough. Just press it once a day. As long as you press your fingers on your navel, you don't need to knead. Adjust the pressure according to your comfort.


skillfully use a hair dryer to dredge Qi and blood: dispel cold and dampness and treat a cold. If you have problems such as abdominal pain, abdominal distention and dysmenorrhea, you can insist on blowing with a hair dryer for 15 minutes every day, and you will feel relieved in about half a month. The specific methods of


are: blow the navel for two minutes, blow on both sides of the navel for three minutes, blow on the whole stomach for five minutes, then blow on the back for five minutes, and blow on the kidneys on both sides for five minutes. In addition, it can also play a therapeutic role when blowing Dazhui acupoint for a while.


foot soaking: people who have cold hands and feet in winter, love fire because of their physical "hot up and cold down", or have cold evil and wet evil in their body can get rid of cold evil and empty fire by foot soaking.

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