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What season does the cold dew solar term mean

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cold dew is one of the twenty-four solar terms, and cold dew is the season after the autumnal equinox. The autumnal equinox is already the autumn season, so what season is the cold dew solar term? What does cold dew mean? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

寒露节气在什么季节 含义是什么意思 you may be interested in: what is the season of

cold dew on the auspicious day of construction in 2020: autumn cold dew is the seventeenth of the twenty-four solar terms. It belongs to autumn on October 8 or 9 every year. Cold dew means that the temperature is lower than that of White Dew. The dew on the ground is colder and is about to condense into frost. The three solar terms of White Dew, cold dew and frost all represent the phenomenon of water vapor condensation, and cold dew is the transition of climate from cool to cold. What is the meaning of


cold dew? The dew is cold and will freeze. In cold dew, after White Dew, the weather turns cool and dew begins to appear. In cold dew, there will be more dew and lower temperature. Therefore, some people say that cold is the gas of dew, white first and then cold, which means that the climate will gradually turn cold. The moisture condenses into white dew. If the "White Dew" solar term marks the transition from hot to cool, the summer heat has not completely disappeared, and dew can be seen glittering in the morning. Then the "cold dew" solar term is a symbol of the cool weather, marking the transition from cool to cold.

寒露节气在什么季节 含义是什么意思

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on the auspicious day of travel in 2020: Goose guests, birds into the flood as clams and chrysanthemums mean yellow flower goose guests. Geese begin to migrate south after the White Dew solar term. After the cold dew solar term, they will be the last batch of geese flying south, and then they will enter the cold winter.


mean that a bird into the flood is a clam and a bird into the flood. Water translates into the sea. The ancients saw that the patterns of clams were similar to those of birds. They thought that on the cold dew day, birds would go deep into the sea and become clams. Flying objects turned into potential objects to avoid the cold.

chrysanthemum has yellow flowers. Chrysanthemum has yellow flowers. Autumn chrysanthemum begins to bloom during the cold dew solar term.

寒露节气在什么季节 含义是什么意思 you may be interested in: the poem of

cold dew on the auspicious day of 2020 1. It is cold at the beginning of the dew, beside the grass, and sleeping alone at night before the moon—— From Zheng Zuguang's Zaju: Drunken homesickness, Wang can climbing the stairs; 2. Cold dew drops at night and wild clouds in the daytime—— From Xiumu's Sansheng stone; 3. The morning breeze is far away, and the colorful cold dew is thick—— From Liu Zongyuan's five chants of Xun Gong Yuan; 4. The newly opened cold dew cluster is much redder than the water—— From Mu Furong by Han Yu; 5. What is the meaning of Xipu leaving the wine cup? The cold dew on the grass roots moans insects—— From Wang Changling's "to the 15th uncle"; 6. The cold dew cleans the autumn sky, and the distant mountains are in focus—— From Zhang Jiuling's occasional chant in sitting in the morning fast; 7. The morning chrysanthemum and the cold dew are like a sad group fan—— From Li He's six satirical songs.

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