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Contents and data of manual report for the summer treatment in 2019

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is one of the 24 solar terms. In order to better let everyone know the solar term of

, people will choose the form of manual report. What are the contents of manual report of

? What is the information about summer treatment? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 2019年处暑手抄报内容 资料 you may be interested in: on the auspicious day of getting the certificate in 2020,


hand copy of the content of the content of the hand copy of the summer. The hand copy of the content includes a brief introduction to the summer, the source of the summer, the characteristics of the summer, the phenological characteristics of the summer, the proverbs of the summer, the blessings of the summer, the ancient poems of the summer, etc.


brief introduction to summer, which means "out of summer", which means leaving in hot weather. When the sun reaches 150 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is the summer heat of the twenty-four solar terms. Summer is a solar term that reflects the change of temperature. "Chu" means hiding and ending, "Chu Shu" means that the hot summer is over. "The collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar order" said: "the place is also stopped, and the summer heat is stopped here.". "Chu" means termination, which means that the heat is about to pass, the heat will end on this day, and the temperature in most parts of China will gradually drop. It is different from the solar terms of slight heat, great heat, slight cold and great cold. It represents the transition of temperature from hot to cold. The arrival of summer also means entering the second half of the Shenyue calendar. In China, the summer is divided into three seasons: "first, the eagle is to sacrifice birds; second, the heaven and earth begin to be solemn; third, the Wo is to ascend." in this solar term, eagles begin to hunt a large number of birds; Everything in heaven and earth began to wither; "He naideng" refers to the general name of millet, millet, rice and sorghum crops, and "Deng" means mature. After the summer vacation, except for South China and southwest China, the rainy season is coming to an end in most parts of China, the precipitation is gradually reduced, and the rice is ripe and harvested. Especially in North China, Northeast China and Northwest China, we must pay close attention to water storage and moisture conservation; To prevent drought during autumn planting and delay the sowing date of winter crops.

2019年处暑手抄报内容 资料 you may be interested in: the blessing of


on the auspicious day of travel in 2020 1. When the summer comes, it turns cool and will hide in the hot summer; Dry mouth, dry nose, swollen throat, dampness reduction, dryness and weight increase prevention; Choose cold vegetables, melons and fruits, eat less spicy and healthier; Add clothes to cool the day, strengthen exercise and have a smooth mood; Daily work and rest should be adjusted, go to bed early and get up early. I wish you a happy summer vacation and all the best! 2. After the summer vacation, the heat subsided, and it was cool and refreshing to the heart; The heat dissipated, refreshing and moistening the stomach; Irritability disappeared, and the mood blossomed. May you enjoy your summer vacation and feel comfortable! 3. The summer vacation comes quietly, followed by blessings. Bring a true feeling, give you warm greetings, happy company, happy waiting around, everything goes well, and good luck lasts forever. Simply put, take good care of yourself and be happy all the time! 4. The hot summer is going away, the cool autumn is coming, the hot troubles are gone, the poisonous sun is discouraged, and the refreshing mood is very happy. I have a word on wechat: keep in touch and pay attention to your body. 5. When the summer comes, close the day, steam the business in the daytime, sleep well at night, be careful and cool, and feel comfortable every day. On weekdays, the air conditioner is less open, more fans are shaken when you have nothing to do, the natural wind blows, you are in a good mood, drink more milk and catch less cold, the fruits and melons in the season are nutritious, it's good to exercise early, "summer" to "summer" to "summer". You're the best! 6. The tail of summer is summer, the temperature at noon is like intense heat, and the prelude of autumn is summer. Count down the temperature in the morning and evening, summer, and the seasons alternate. Pay attention to the temperature change. May you be healthy, laugh and have a happy summer! 7. Life is busy. After the beginning of autumn, welcome the summer; Friendship is strong, and Tao sound blessings come from the bottom of my heart. May you walk healthily, dance in the mood and have no "place" in life; Stock appreciation, family harmony and banknotes.


and 2019年处暑手抄报内容 资料 you may be interested in: build the auspicious day


in 2020. 8. The morning dew in summer is crystal clear, the temperature changes at the turn of seasons, pay attention to the body in autumn, sleep at night, close doors and windows, eat healthily and prevent diseases. The sky is clear and fresh, and you look happy. I wish you a healthy body in the summer. 9. When the air temperature drops, the hot summer will run. The heat is over, and the cool and comfortable will come. Happy mood, everything goes well, happy heart without trouble. Wechat blessings are sent around. I wish you a happy summer! 10. When the summer comes, the temperature drops in the morning and evening. Pay attention to adding and reducing clothes, cover the quilt when sleeping, don't catch cold, take more exercise to prevent disease and make the nutrition match healthier. I wish you happiness and longevity; Happy summer! 11. The cool breeze brings you a pleasant and happy body and mind. A little drizzle sprinkles you with freshness and extinguishes countless worries. Every wechat sends blessings. Happy summer with no worries. May you be relaxed, healthy and happy summer! 12. It's another year of summer. I wish wechat "summer" early. The "summer" eyes can't be taken. Lebusi's "summer" is very stupid. The crunchy "summer" film has a good appetite and has nothing to do. It's "summer" money every day. I wish you a happy summer! 13. When the summer comes, the heat disappears, and the troubles run in an instant; Open windows frequently, breathe more, and have a good law of life; Hot air, sunscreen, beauty and beauty; Rest early, eat well, exercise and be strong. I wish you a happy summer and a smile.

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