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What's the best time to plant shallot

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White Dew onion is a kind of vegetable that will be planted between White Dew and autumn equinox. When people grow this kind of vegetable, the most important thing is the planting time. So when is the best time to plant shallots? What should be paid attention to? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

白露葱什么时间种最好 注意事项 you may be interested in: on the auspicious day of getting the certificate in 2020,

when is the best time to plant the White Dew onion: it is best to plant the White Dew onion between the White Dew and the autumnal equinox. The white dew onion has strict requirements on the sowing date. Generally, it is sown between the White Dew and the autumnal equinox. If sowing is too late, onion seedlings are weak and easy to die in winter. After returning to green the next year, their growth and development is slow, which affects their maturity and yield; Sowing is too early, and the next spring will be moss and seeds, which is not suitable for onion planting. The suitable sowing time is 60-70 days before the onion stops growing, and the onion seedlings grow to two leaves before thawing. The planting time of Welsh Onion varies according to different regions. In northern China, it is generally suitable to sow in late August and emerge in early September.

白露葱什么时间种最好 注意事项 you may be interested in: precautions for planting White Dew onion on the

auspicious day of travel in 2020. 1. Select the stubble "onion, leek and garlic, don't meet." do not stubble green onions. Choose the plot where green onions, leeks and garlic have not been planted in 3-4 years. Wheat, corn, potatoes and other crops are good first crops, and sandy loam or loam is good.

2. The selection of excellent varieties is the key to the high yield of Welsh onion. On the basis of selecting improved seeds, wind screening of seeds should be carried out to remove small, dead seeds, impurities and sundries.


and 白露葱什么时间种最好 注意事项 you may be interested in: build the auspicious day


in 2020. 3. Pour frozen water to plant White Dew onion. The purpose of pouring frozen water is to prevent freezing injury and drought dead seedlings. Generally, the autumn seedlings reach three real leaves, with a seedling height of about 10cm, about before and after the light snow, that is, when they are civilized during the day and frozen at night, they are watered with sealed frozen water, combined with fertilization, watered with diluted feces once to improve the ground temperature, and then covered with a layer of manure or raw feces to ensure that the seedlings survive the winter safely. Farmers with conditions shall clamp the wind barrier so that the seedlings can return to green the next spring.

4. After the stubble is selected for land preparation and sowing, the land shall be turned over in autumn to achieve loose, flat, fine and broken soil. Combined with the land preparation, 3500 kg-4500 kg of fully decomposed and high-quality farm fertilizer shall be applied per mu, which is conducive to dense planting and ridge farming. When sowing, pay attention to the width of the sowing range to achieve the width of the ditch and the flat bottom. It is generally about 10cm wide and 3cm-4cm deep. The sowing amount per mu is 3 kg-3.5 kg, and 6-7 mu of land can be planted the next year. When the soil is dry after sowing, water can be poured once to preserve the seedlings.

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