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Is it still hot after the summer vacation in 2019? Will it be hot after it

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as people know, the term of heat treatment is a representative of the solar terms and one of the 24 solar terms. During the heat treatment, people will pay attention to the weather changes of heat treatment. Is it still hot after the heat treatment in 2019? Will it be hot after the summer? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 2019年处暑后还热吗 过了天气会热吗 you may be interested in: is the


still hot in the summer on the auspicious day of construction in 2020: the south is still affected by the "autumn tiger", and the weather will be hot for some time after the summer. After the summer, the weather in the north will gradually turn cool, but the south is vulnerable to the influence of the autumn tiger and keep high temperature. In many areas in the south, it will still be affected by the southeast monsoon. The weather is still hot, but the temperature in the morning and evening will be lower than that in summer, and the weather will gradually become dry at this time. We call it "autumn tiger". The characteristic of the summer vacation period is that it is hot in the day, cool in the morning and cool in the evening, the summer heat gradually dissipates, and the temperature difference between morning and night becomes larger. The general trend is that the weather is getting cooler and cooler, but the heat in the sunny afternoon is no less than that in the summer season, and it will take some time before entering the really cool autumn. And in the summer season, most areas will often suffer from the trouble of "autumn tiger".

2019年处暑后还热吗 过了天气会热吗 you may be interested in: introduction to autumn tiger

on the auspicious day of travel in 2020. In meteorology, autumn tiger refers to the weather above 35 ℃ after short-term heat recovery after three volts. It usually occurs between August and September. The weather is characterized by cool morning and evening and high temperature exposure in the afternoon. Due to China's vast territory, the performance of "autumn tiger" is slightly different. For example, the autumn tiger in South China comes later than that in the Yangtze River Basin, generally delaying 2-4 festivals. In addition, the time of tiger control varies from half a month to two months every autumn; Sometimes autumn tigers come and go, go and look back. "Autumn tiger" weather, although the temperature is high, generally speaking, the air is dry and sunny. It is not very hot in the morning and evening, so it will not be too hot to breathe.

2019年处暑后还热吗 过了天气会热吗 you may be interested in: the auspicious day of getting the certificate in 2020

related reading: the reason for the formation of autumn tiger is that it controls China's western Pacific subtropical high to gradually move southward in autumn, but it also moves northward. Under the control of this high pressure, it is sunny, less cloudy, strong solar radiation and temperature rise. This regenerative weather is called "old woman summer" weather in Europe and "Indian summer" weather in North America. Just beginning of autumn. "Autumn" includes the beginning of autumn, summer, white dew, autumnal equinox, cold dew and frost. After autumn, the rain decreases day by day, and the air humidity drops below the limit required by people's life (relative humidity 70%), so the weather is dry, the vegetation is withering, and people feel dry. Due to dryness and injury to Tianjin, dryness syndrome can be seen. Dryness is the main Qi of autumn and belongs to Yang evil. The diseases caused by dryness include warm dryness (early autumn) and cool dryness (late autumn).

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