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What are the sounds in the summer

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The so-called 24 solar terms of

refer to 24 solar terms with different climatic characteristics at different times, but you don't know much about the 24 solar terms. Let's learn about the summer treatment in the 24 solar terms today! So how many times is the summer vacation? What does heat treatment mean? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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in the summer on the auspicious day of getting the certificate in 2020: the third sound (CH ǔ) The explanation of "Chushu" in the 72 episodes of lunar calendar in the Ming Dynasty said: "in the middle of July, Chushu will stop, and the heat will stop here." it can be seen that the "Chushu" of "Chushu" is a verb, which should be read in the upper voice, that is, the third voice. The "Chushu" of "Chushu" contains the meaning of termination, which indicates that the summer is coming to an end. At this time, the heat is over, and the temperature is gradually decreasing. Cihai is in The entry of "Chushu" quotes the ancient book's explanation of "Chushu" and says: "it means that the heat will subside and the potential will also disappear." it means that the heat will subside gradually. The word "Chu" in Qusheng does not have the above meaning.


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What does heat treatment represent? Heat treatment is the fourteenth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms and the second solar term in autumn. The time of heat treatment is between August 22 and August 24 of the new calendar every year, which depends on the time when the sun reaches 150 ° of the Yellow meridian that year. Heat treatment means that the hot weather begins to cool gradually and people should really start to keep warm. The most obvious change of heat treatment is The temperature drops, especially in cities in the north of the Yellow River, so you should keep warm at night to avoid the large temperature difference between day and night.

处暑的处是几声 代表什么 you may be interested: in 2020, build the auspicious day

Summer Festival, the temperature in the North drops, the temperature difference between day and night is large, but there will be "autumn tigers" in the south Autumn tiger is a phenomenon of short-term high-temperature weather. Sometimes the temperature can be as high as 40 degrees Celsius, so it is easy to cause mountain fires in autumn, so we should pay attention to prevention. During autumn tiger, we should not only prevent fire and drought, but also prevent flood and waterlogging, because at this time, the south is a season with frequent wind in Taiwan, and there is a typhoon from time to time, so people need to be prepared for wind disasters 。

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