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Will it be hot after the white dew? What's the temperature in 2019

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Bailu is the third solar term in autumn and the 15th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. In autumn, the weather shows a gradual cooling trend. Will it be hot after 2019 Bailu? What's the temperature in Bailu? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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in 2020: it will gradually cool down after the White Dew solar term. Bailu solar term is one of the 24 solar terms that indicates the change of temperature. "Bailu" is the condensation of water vapor near the ground caused by the temperature difference between day and night after the temperature decreases. Then, the water vapor will not condense into dew, but form white frost, which is for frost.

what is the temperature of Bailu: about 25 ° C. the temperature of Bailu is very comfortable during the solar term, usually about 25 ° C. Bailu solar term is the third solar term in autumn. By the time of Bailu solar term, it has basically entered late autumn. Bailu solar term is a period of comfortable temperature throughout the year, and then it will start to enter winter solar term, and the temperature will drop slowly. Therefore, Bailu solar term is very suitable for going out to enjoy autumn and play. "White Dew" is a season that reflects the temperature change in nature. Dew is a unique natural phenomenon after the solar term of "White Dew". The weather at this time is like what is said in the book of Rites: "when the cool wind comes, the white dew drops, and the cold cicadas chirp." according to the interpretation of "White Dew" in the collection of 72 times of the moon, "the moisture of water and soil condenses into dew, autumn is golden, golden and white, the color of dew is white, and the gas begins to be cold". The ancients also said in the Xiaowei Sutra: "15 days after the summer is white dew", the Yin Qi becomes heavier and heavier, and the dew condenses and becomes white. " Yang Qi reaches its peak on the summer solstice, when things reach their extremes, Yin Qi also rises at this time.

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Proverbs about White Dew. Dew is crazy at night and poison the sun in the future. Dry fog dew Yin, wet fog dew sunny. After drinking white dew, the mosquito shut up. The wheat harvest is ten years early, and the valley harvest is ten years late. It's better to plant wheat early. The wheat is early this year and good next year. Don't say it's early to plant wheat with White Dew. It would be just right if Hetao. The harvest is much better than that at the autumnal equinox. White Dew wheat, top crop dung. White Dew grows on high mountains, cold dew grows on rivers, and frost falls on dams.


and 白露之后还会热吗2019 气温多少度 you may be interested in: on the auspicious day of obtaining the certificate in 2020,


will be planted in high mountains and Pingchuan in autumn. White Dew grows in high mountains and in rivers at the autumnal equinox. White Dew grows in high mountains, Pingchuan in autumn, and cold dew grows in beaches. White Dew grows in high mountains, mid mountains in autumn and Pingchuan in cold dew. Bai Lu sows early, afraid of insects.

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