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Autumnal equinox solar terms poetry proverbs nursery rhymes

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autumnal equinox is one of the 24 solar terms. In the continuous development and change of autumnal equinox, many cultures about autumnal equinox have also been formed. What are the solar term poems of autumnal equinox? What proverbs and nursery rhymes are there? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


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the autumn equinox's solar term poem "words of autumn wind" Han · Liu Che, the autumn wind rises and clouds fly, the grass and trees fall and the wild geese return to the south. Orchids are beautiful and chrysanthemums are fragrant. You can't forget when you are pregnant with a beautiful woman. The building boats come to the Fenhe River, and the plain waves flow across the river. The flute and drum sing and sing. They are very happy and sad.

Yan Ge Xing Wei Jin Cao Pi the autumn wind is bleak, the weather is cool, the vegetation shakes and dew turns into frost, and the group of Yan leaves the Old Swan and flies south. I miss you so much. I miss my hometown. Why do you stay and send it to others? My concubine kept the empty calf alone. She thought about you and couldn't forget it. She didn't feel her tears stained with her clothes. With the aid of the zither and the strings, the moon shines brightly on my bed, and the stars flow westward at the end of the night. The petunia and the weaver girl look at each other from a distance. Why should you limit the river beam?


the autumn equinox of gengxu in yiyunfeng and situ Shizhong (Song Dynasty) was strong enough to be divided into this dynasty, and the leaves of Tianqing forest proposed to leave a message. Three and a half autumn to chant the force, all senses to brew ant elimination. It's early in the morning and early in the morning, and it's not far from looking before the full moon. Today, day and night are both long and short. Zhanlu has no Lao Shi surname Qiao.

after the autumnal equinox (Song Dynasty) Lu You is in early autumn this year. The wood doesn't wait for yellow. When the crickets are in the sky, they are suddenly close to my bed. If I am old, I should die, and I am small as if I were wandering. Is there not a bottle of wine, but also a book beside it. Drinking and reading ancient books, I think of Huang Tang with emotion. Mao is crazy, who can anoint blind.

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Lang Taosha · autumnal equinox in Xiangcheng, cold and rainy guests, enjoying the autumn moon and starry sky at the Huating on August 22, the year of C. Day and night are divided equally, and the night is getting thicker. Don't look for the day at night. It's in season. The flowers fade in spring, and the clouds are clear every day. Floating and falling trees. The cold wind benefits the stars and embroiders the moon. How can we manage the corner.


reminiscence of the autumnal equinox (Qing Dynasty) zijingyi thinks of my son at the festival and recites poetry to the evening. Yan will go tomorrow, and autumn will be at this time. Travel against empty tongs, life only sells literature. It is better to hang the sails early than to wait for the snow.


the autumnal equinox of the twenty-four solar terms: your millet is cool in autumn, and there are many dew and clothes in the field. Eight nine chrysanthemums, yellow crabs, fat, wind and refreshing, Dan Guixiang.

autumnal equinox proverb nursery rhyme green 18, red 18, white 18, black 18, take it home in 72 days. At the autumnal equinox, peanuts fall late and leaves fall empty. The autumn equinox cotton is white. The White Dew is early, the cold dew is late, and the wheat is planted in autumn. At that time (in the North), the weather is white and cloudy. It is good to sing and plant rice everywhere. The autumn equinox (in the south of the Yangtze River) is only afraid of lightning flash. How expensive is the price of rice? The autumn equinox (in the south of the Yangtze River), the spring equinox and autumn equinox (in the south of Fujian), and the day and night equinox. The White Dew has passed the autumn equinox, Busy farming, white dew, sorghum autumnal equinox, bean autumnal equinox, heavy dew, frost in winter (Southern Fujian) autumnal equinox North (wind), hot to shelling (Southern Fujian) autumnal equinox, more white clouds. Singing everywhere is good. Night wo (Shandong) autumnal equinox will be sunny for a long time (Nanjing) autumnal equinox will be sunny. Everything will not live (Nanjing) autumnal equinox will have rain. It will be rainy (Nanjing) at autumnal equinox. There will be white dew at autumnal equinox, and there will be no fields at autumnal equinox. The office will move a sickle (northeast) to see flowers, Valley (Jiangsu) at autumnal equinox, white dew at autumnal equinox, and rice at autumnal equinox (Jiangsu) summer and drought, summer and cold, and frost after the autumnal equinox (Ningxia)


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on the auspicious day of construction in 2020, there is heavy water on the autumnal equinox, no farming without rain on the spring equinox, no gardening without rain on the autumnal equinox (North) there is rain on the autumnal equinox, the year is abundant, the autumnal equinox is North (wind), and it is hot to shelling (South Fujian) In the summer, the lotus canopies float in the water, the water chestnut dances in the autumnal equinox, the knife and gun (Yangtze River Basin) is exposed in the autumn equinox, the night is cold and hot until the autumnal equinox is cold until the spring equinox, the White Dew sickle sounds, the autumnal equinox can't cut sorghum (North), the autumnal equinox can't afford onions, and the frost must be empty (North)

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