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What season is white dew? What is the temperature change

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Bailu is the 15th solar term among the 24 solar terms, and when it comes to Bailu, the weather gradually turns cool, and people begin to add clothes gradually. What season is Bailu? What is the temperature change of Bailu? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

白露是什么季节的现象 气温变化是怎样 you may be interested in: what season is the

White Dew on the auspicious day of construction in 2020: the weather turns cooler in autumn, and many dew drops will be found on the ground and leaves in the early morning. This is named because the water vapor condenses on the surface at night. The ancients used four seasons with five elements. Autumn is golden, golden and white, so they used white to describe autumn dew. White Dew actually indicates that the weather has turned cool, and the water vapor in the air condenses into small water droplets when it is cold at night. It is very densely attached to the green stems, leaves or petals of flowers, plants and trees. It is white. Especially under the sunlight in the morning, it looks more crystal clear, white and flawless. It is very popular, so it is known as "White Dew".

白露是什么季节的现象 气温变化是怎样 you may be interested in: the temperature change of

Bailu on the auspicious day of travel in 2020: about 25 ° C. the temperature is very comfortable in Bailu solar term, usually about 25 ° C. Bailu solar term is the third solar term in autumn. By the time of Bailu solar term, it has basically entered late autumn. Bailu solar term is a period of comfortable temperature throughout the year, and then it will start to enter winter solar term, and the temperature will drop slowly. Therefore, Bailu solar term is very suitable for going out to enjoy autumn and play. "White Dew" is a season that reflects the temperature change in nature. Dew is a unique natural phenomenon after the solar term of "White Dew". The weather at this time is like what is said in the book of Rites: "when the cool wind comes, the white dew drops, and the cold cicadas chirp." according to the interpretation of "White Dew" in the collection of 72 times of the moon, "the moisture of water and soil condenses into dew, autumn is golden, golden and white, the color of dew is white, and the gas begins to be cold". The ancients also said in the Xiaowei Sutra: "15 days after the summer is white dew", the Yin Qi becomes heavier and heavier, and the dew condenses and becomes white. " Yang Qi reaches its peak on the summer solstice, when things reach their extremes, Yin Qi also rises at this time.


and 白露是什么季节的现象 气温变化是怎样 you may be interested: during the White Dew season in northern China on the auspicious day of


in 2020, the precipitation in northern China decreased significantly, and the autumn was clear and dry.


in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River during this period, the first autumn rain can often alleviate the water shortage in the early stage. However, if the cold air meets the typhoon, or the cold and warm air is close to each other, and the two sides are in difficulty, the rainstorm or low temperature continuous cloudy rain will be unfavorable to the growth of crops in autumn.

the southwest, South China, West China, the east of Southwest China, South China and West China also often have continuous cloudy and rainy weather. The southeast of


and the southeast coast of South China, especially the South China coast, may also have heavy rain caused by tropical weather system (typhoon). In addition, autumn drought, forest fire risk, early frost and other weather may occur in some areas at this time.

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