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How long will it be hot in 2019

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Bailu is one of the representatives of solar terms and the third solar term in autumn. When Bailu comes, people are most concerned about the temperature of Bailu. What is the temperature of Bailu in 2019? How long will it be hot in Bailu? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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Bailu solar term 2019: about 25 ° Bailu solar term is the third solar term in autumn. By the time Bailu solar term basically enters late autumn, Bailu solar term is a relatively comfortable period of temperature throughout the year, and then it will begin to enter winter solar term, The temperature will drop slowly. Therefore, Bailu solar term is very suitable for going out to enjoy autumn and play. The "dew" of Bailu is a natural phenomenon. At this time of the solar term, the sun is still hot in the daytime, and the water vapor evaporates. As soon as the sun returns to the mountain, the temperature drops quickly. At night, the water vapor in the air condenses into small water droplets when it is cold, and is very densely attached to the green stems, leaves or petals of flowers, plants and trees. When it comes to Bailu, even if it is really autumn, Bailu basically ends the sultry summer. Entering the "White Dew", the temperature difference between day and night is large, and you will feel a trace of coolness at night, obviously feeling that the cool autumn has come.

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White Dew weather be hot on the auspicious day of construction in 2020? Generally, the temperature begins to drop before and after the White Dew solar term, so it will not be hot in most areas after the White Dew. However, there are still autumn tigers in some areas. Due to China's vast territory, the performance of autumn tigers is slightly different. For example, autumn tigers in South China come later than those in the Yangtze River Basin, and generally postpone 2-4 festivals. In addition, the time of tiger control varies from half a month to two months every autumn; Sometimes autumn tigers come and go, go and look back. In autumn, although the temperature is high, generally speaking, the air is dry and sunny. It is not very hot in the morning and evening, so it won't be too hot to breathe.


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in 2020 is powerful and lasts for a long time. In previous years, sunshine and autumn usually lasted until October. When autumn tiger weather occurs, the sky condition and visibility are generally very good, and the wind is not strong. The temperature before and after noon once exceeded 30 ℃, but the muggy degree is far less than that in summer with the same temperature, which is mainly related to the relatively small humidity and the increase of air pressure in autumn. However, due to the good weather and visibility, the ultraviolet intensity is significantly higher than that in summer, and the incidence of photodermatitis and photoophthalmia is significantly increased. At the same time, due to the gradual increase of the temperature difference between morning and evening, the incidence of cold is also significantly increased.

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