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What is Bai Lu's taboo? What is the meaning of rain

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Bailu is the solar term of the twenty-four solar terms, the 15th solar term, and also the solar term in autumn. When Bailu arrives, people also pay much attention to the Bailu solar term. What are the stresses and taboos of Bailu? What does the White Dew rain mean? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 白露有何讲究 禁忌 下雨寓意是什么 you may be interested in: what is the stress of building


Bailu in 2020? The


Bailu day should be dedicated to the king of Shu. Bailu Festival is a day for people in Taihu Lake to sacrifice the king of Yu. King Yu is the legendary flood control hero Dayu. Fishermen on the Bank of Taihu Lake call him "waterway Bodhisattva". Every year on the eighth day of the first month, the Qingming Festival, the seventh day of the seventh month and the White Dew season, there will be incense ceremonies for King Yu. Among them, the Qingming Festival and the White Dew spring and Autumn Festival will be the largest, lasting one week. While offering sacrifices to King Yu, he also offered sacrifices to the earth God, the flower god, the silkworm flower girl, the door god, the house God, Jiang Taigong, etc. During the activity, "fishing and killing the family" is a must play, which reposes people's hope and longing for a better life.


White Dew day should collect "ten kinds of white". There has been the custom of White Dew festival in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and other places. People in Cangnan, Pingyang and other places collect "ten kinds of white" (there are also three kinds of white) on this day to simmer black bone white haired chicken (or duck). It is said that after eating, it can nourish the body and remove the atmosphere (arthritis). These "ten kinds of white" are ten kinds of herbs with the word "white", such as white hibiscus, white hair bitter, etc., which are literally corresponding to "White Dew".


and 白露有何讲究 禁忌 下雨寓意是什么 you may be interested in: it is appropriate to "Qiuxing" cricket fighting in the White Dew season of


on the auspicious day of travel in 2020. When the White Dew is idle, people in rural areas will play the game of cricket fighting, which is called "Qiuxing". Bailu cricket fighting has been popular among the people since the Song Dynasty. At that time, it was mainly popular among kings, grandchildren and nobles. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this trend was more prosperous. Gu Lu of the Qing dynasty recorded this in detail in his Qing Jialu: "before and after Bai Lu, crickets were domesticated for the fun of gambling and fighting, which was called 'Qiuxing', commonly known as' fighting to earn achievements'. During Bai Lu, people" looked at each other in cages, flocked in groups, and called their insects as generals. "Before the fight, crickets were carefully selected," it is expensive to have a big head and long feet, and green, yellow, red, black and Bai Zhengliang are the best. " After the cricket is selected, "the size is the same, the baht is suitable for both, and then open the gate." during the fight, on the stage, "two people recognize the color, either red or green, and the day" head ". "The spectators under the stage take the victory or defeat on the stage as the winner or loser, which is called the" labeling door ". The division of chips is called the" flower ". The" flower "is also a pseudonym. It takes 120 Wen to make money as a flower, ranging from one flower to a hundred flowers and a thousand flowers. It is agreed by the two sides. The winner's color, the loser loses money, and there is no word fee. Until now, cricket fighting is still a major entertainment activity for ordinary people, especially in Beijing It is popular. When entering Bailu, people will take their carefully raised crickets and come to the open field to fight. The audience is also in high interest and concentrate on watching the war. The scene is very lively.

it is appropriate to burn Bailu in the White Dew season. On this day, people in Shanghai will wipe the dew and ink on children's forehead and vest, saying that it can cure all kinds of diseases, which is called "White Dew" "Day Moxibustion". If there are pregnant women at home, they will cut some bitter grass and store it in the morning to fry Soup for pregnant women to ensure their smooth production.

白露有何讲究 禁忌 下雨寓意是什么 you may be interested: what are the taboos of

Bailu on the auspicious day of obtaining the certificate in 2020 Wind and rain are forbidden on a White Dew day. Among the people, wind and rain are forbidden on a White Dew day. People think that wind and rain on a White Dew day will have an adverse impact on the agricultural harvest. The proverb says: "it rains on a White Dew sunset, and one place is bad", "it rains before the White Dew, and it is a ghost after the White Dew." there is also a proverb that says: "the summer rain is sweet, and the White Dew rain is bitter." Farmers believe that the rain of Bailu is bitter, and the rain will make the vegetables bitter; the harvested rice will be eaten by insects after being stained with the rain of Bailu.

what is the meaning of Bailu rain? There is a folk saying that there is a continuous autumn rain before and after "Bailu", which is called "rotten Bailu"; the solar term of Bailu is "rotten Bailu" Meteorological experts say that there is no scientific basis for this statement. The ultimate factor determining the weather is the atmospheric circulation. For Beijing, when the autumn comes and the flood season ends, the rain will be less and less. Yesterday's Thunderstorm rainfall is not very large, but for the thirsty capital, it can store water and fight drought, purify the air, regulate air dry humidity, and improve soil moisture, Conducive to the growth of crops.

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