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Is it autumn at the autumnal equinox? Will it rain

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has 24 different solar terms in China, including the autumnal equinox, when day and night are equally divided. When the solar terms come, people are most concerned about the temperature and climate. Is the autumnal equinox the beginning of autumn? Will it rain on the autumnal equinox? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

秋分是入秋了吗 下雨好不好 you may be interested in: is the autumn equinox of

on the auspicious day of getting the certificate in 2020 the beginning of autumn? According to the lunar calendar, "beginning of autumn" is the beginning of autumn, and the end of autumn is "frost", and the "autumn equinox" is just half of the 90 days from the beginning of autumn to frost. Therefore, according to the autumn theory of China's old calendar, this day is just half of the 90 days of autumn. What we usually call autumn starts from the autumnal equinox.


and 秋分是入秋了吗 下雨好不好 you may be interested in: how about the rain at the autumnal equinox on the auspicious day of travel in 2020? During the autumnal equinox, most parts of China have entered a cool autumn. The cold air going south meets the gradually decaying warm and humid air, resulting in precipitation again and again, and the temperature drops again and again. As people often say, it is time for "one autumn rain and one cold", but the daily precipitation after the autumnal equinox will not be very large. At this time, the field farming in the South and North are different. In North China, there is an agricultural proverb that says, "the White Dew is early, the cold dew is late, and it is the right time to plant wheat in autumn." the proverb clearly stipulates the time for sowing winter wheat in this area; "The autumn equinox weather is cloudy, good songs and good rice planting everywhere" reflects the time of rice planting in Jiangnan area. In addition, the taboos of the working people on the autumnal equinox solar terms are also summarized into proverbs, such as "the autumnal equinox is only afraid of lightning flash, how much rice is expensive" and so on.


and 秋分是入秋了吗 下雨好不好 you may be interested in building a auspicious day in 2020.


the autumnal equinox is a solar term in our custom. There is a folk saying "there is rain at the autumnal equinox, which means that if it rains during the autumnal equinox solar term, there will be a good harvest the next year. There are many folk sayings like this. They are all the conclusions drawn from the observation of everyone over the years. They have been spread to this day because they are easy to remember. The folk saying "rain during the autumnal equinox comes next year" also reflects a saying: if it rains during the autumnal equinox, it indicates a good harvest in the coming year. This is also the experience summarized by people after long-term observation.

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