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Is the autumnal equinox autumn? Matters needing attention

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autumnal equinox is the solar term after Bai Lu, which is one of the 24 solar terms. The weather has begun to cool gradually at Bai Lu. Is the autumnal equinox autumn? What are the matters needing attention at the autumnal equinox? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

秋分是秋天到了吗 需要注意的事项 you may be interested: is the autumn equinox of

the auspicious day of construction in 2020 the beginning of autumn in the real sense. According to the standard of dividing seasons according to the average climate temperature, autumn must be when the average temperature for five consecutive days is below 22 ℃. According to this standard, the Jianghuai region generally enters autumn in the middle and late September. After the beginning of autumn, although the heat is hard to dissipate for a while, although there is the residual power of "autumn tiger", the general trend is that the weather is gradually cool. The equinox solar term has really entered autumn. The temperature began to drop sharply and became colder. According to the lunar calendar, "beginning of autumn" is the beginning of autumn, and the "frost fall" is the end of autumn, and the "autumnal equinox" is just half of the 90 days from beginning of autumn to frost fall. Therefore, according to the autumn theory of China's old calendar, this day is just half of the 90 days of autumn. What we usually call autumn starts from the autumnal equinox. At the autumnal equinox, most parts of China have entered a cool autumn. The cold air going south meets the gradually decaying warm and humid air, resulting in precipitation and temperature drop again and again. As people often say, it is time for "one autumn rain and one cold", but the daily precipitation after the autumnal equinox will not be very large.

秋分是秋天到了吗 需要注意的事项 you may be interested in: precautions for the

autumnal equinox on the auspicious day of travel in 2020. Pay attention to keeping warm. After the autumnal equinox, the weather begins to turn cool gradually. Especially in the morning and at night, the temperature is relatively low. Some people haven't turned from the hot summer. They think it's cool at night. In fact, the wind at this time is easy to catch a cold, so they should pay attention to keeping warm. Especially those who are physically weak or have chronic bronchitis and asthma should pay more attention.


are more sports. Although they need sports in every season of the year, they are more suitable for outdoor sports in this crisp autumn season. Compare jogging, cycling, mountain climbing, etc. It can fully move the limbs, publicize the lung qi and improve the physical quality. So, young man, have energy and run more.


and 秋分是秋天到了吗 需要注意的事项 you may be interested in: keep a good mood on the auspicious day of getting the certificate in 2020.


are muggy during the day and cool at night, which makes people emotionally unstable. At this time, we have to pay attention to regulating our emotions. It's a good way to communicate with friends and go out for a parade.


eat less spicy food. At this time, the human body is dry and makes people upset. Therefore, we should pay more attention to prevent dryness and eat less spicy food. Try to be light. Drink plenty of water is the principle.

skin care for many lazy girls, skin care is only done in winter. In fact, it's too late to come back to skin care in the dry period in winter, but we should start skin care in early autumn. Of course, women who love beauty are doing skin care all year round.

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