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What are the characteristics of cold dew weather? Is it a festival

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cold dew is the 17th solar term among the 24 solar terms and the last second solar term in autumn. The weather in autumn is gradually cooling down. What are the characteristics of cold dew weather? Is cold dew a festival? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


, 寒露天气有什么特点 是节日吗 you may be interested in: what are the characteristics of the cold dew weather of


on the auspicious day of construction in 2020? The average temperature distribution varies greatly. In October, the regional difference of the average temperature distribution in China is obvious. In South China, the average temperature is above 22 ℃ in most areas, higher in Hainan, above 25 ℃, and has not gone out of summer; Jianghuai and Jiangnan are generally between 15 ℃ - 20 ℃, and the south of Northeast China, North China and Huanghuai are between 8 ℃ and 16 ℃. At this time, the average temperature in some parts of Northwest China and the middle and north of Northeast China has reached below 8 ℃. The average temperature in some plateau areas of Qinghai Province is even below 0 ℃.


the temperature drops rapidly, which is a characteristic of cold dew solar terms. After the autumn wind and rain brought by a strong cold air, it is common for the temperature to drop by 8 ℃ and 10 ℃. However, most of the stormy weather does not last long (except in West China). Under the control of cold and high pressure, it is warm in the day and cool at night. During the day, it is often clear and crisp in autumn.

寒露天气有什么特点 是节日吗 you may be interested in: is

cold dew a festival on the auspicious day of travel in 2020: it is not the 17th of the twenty-four solar terms, but the fifth solar term in autumn. With the arrival of cold dew, the climate changes from heat to cold, and everything grows with the cold, which is a season of alternating heat and cold. In nature, the Qi of yin and Yang begins to change, Yang fades and Yin grows. Our physiological activities should also adapt to the changes of nature to ensure the physiological (yin and Yang) balance in the body. At this time, the diet should be mainly nourishing yin and moistening dryness. Moistening dry and juicy fruit is the first choice for health preservation.


and 寒露天气有什么特点 是节日吗 you may be interested in: three cold dew seasons of


on the auspicious day of obtaining the certificate in 2020: one for the goose guests, the second for the bird to enter the water as a clam, and the third for the chrysanthemum to have yellow flowers. Guests: in this solar term, the geese move south in a zigzag or herringbone queue. In the second season, the birds came into the water as clams: it was cold in late autumn, and the birds were gone. The ancients saw a lot of clams suddenly appear on the beach, and the stripes and colors of the shells were very similar to the birds, so they thought they were birds. Three waiting chrysanthemums have Huanghua: chrysanthemums have been generally open.

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