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What are the classic agricultural proverbs in frost falling ancient poetry

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frost fall is one of the solar terms in the twenty-four festivals and the last solar term in autumn. After frost fall, it will begin to enter winter. What are the classics of frost fall ancient poetry? What are the agricultural proverbs of frost? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 霜降古诗词经典 农谚有哪些 you may be interested in: in 2020, you will get the certificate of


on the auspicious day. The ancient poetry classic "autumn bosom is sent to Zhu buque" (Wu Yuanheng) has a lot of frost on the upper court, and the poet hates the beginning. White clouds are deep in the shabby alleys, and decaying grass is everywhere. The autumn smoke is heavy at dusk, and the cold sound is empty. Pan Sheng thinks bitterly in autumn, and Tao makes the world strange. It has been made into a fu for returning to the field and a Book of admonition and hunting. I don't know what the score is for young people.


(Bai Juyi) frost precipitation returns to the gully, wind falls and trees return to the mountain. The banquet will be held at the age of Ran, and everything will be copied from the source. Why did you move south? You haven't returned it in five years. The fate of the village has been set, and I feel safe over time. Also taste the heart and mouth, read quietly and talk to yourself. Going to the country is not fun, but returning home is not fun. There is no need to bear hardships on your own.

relegation (Bai Juyi) has a thin face and forty-four spots. He was relegated to Jiangzhou as a county official. Discard at the right time, never talent, not old and weak. The fire burns the pine in the cold stream, and the frost falls on the spring forest and flowers. It is heaven's will to be honored and haggard for a time.

霜降古诗词经典 农谚有哪些

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frost fall (zuohe River) in 2020, the dew turns into frost in autumn and dusk, and several parts condense into Yang. The lotus is defeated, the pond is bleak, the cotton is white, and the harvest is busy.


in Fu De Ji (autumn character) (Yuan Zhen) after 30 days of frost, there is still a leaf in autumn. The dark Yin welcomes the setting sun, and the cool soul is broken. In the middle of the night, the ash moved to Guan, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Pan an spent this evening, resting on his worries in chanting Fu.

boating Xuyi (Wei Jian) boating the Huaihe River once, the frost falls and the night flows clear. The night is long, the tide invades the shore, and the cold moon is near the city. Pingsha sleeps with wild geese and listens to chickens in the waiting hall. Beyond the clouds of the country, who can enjoy the feeling of travel.


the proverb of frost falling is that there is less rain in summer and early frost in autumn. The summer rain is drenched, and the frost period recedes. Autumn rain penetrates the ground, and frost comes late. Autumn geese come early, so does frost. The wind is strong, there is no dew at night, and there is no frost on cloudy days and nights. The frost is heavy tonight and the sun is red tomorrow morning. Frost makes a fine day. On the day of severe frost and poison, fog and dew are good days. Thick frost poison the sun. Warm after frost, cold after snow. One night alone frost, there will be famine in the coming year; Many night frost foot, next year's harvest. Frost begins to fall (early frost), and the next year's grain rain stops (late frost). Snow makes mountains high and frost makes depressions.

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severe frost singles in 2020. When autumn geese cry, there will be a strong wind. Late rice is afraid of early frost. Before frost falls, pick rice like chaff; After the frost falls, the rice is filled. Before frost falls, pick rice like chaff; After the frost falls, the rice is filled. Before the frost falls, the potatoes are planed.

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