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What are the sayings about the autumnal equinox farming

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autumnal equinox is one of the 24 solar terms, and the autumnal equinox is in the autumn season. In autumn, it is a harvest and sowing season. What is the change of autumnal equinox farming? What are the proverbs about the autumnal equinox? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 秋分农事的变化 活动有哪些 关于秋分农谚 you may be interested in: the change of autumn equinox farming on the auspicious day of


in 2020 - the change of autumn equinox farming - picking new cotton by stages in a timely manner and adhering to the "four points and four speeds", that is, dividing harvest, drying, storage, sales and fast harvest, drying, picking and sales, so as to improve quality.


autumnal equinox solar terms and farming changes -- the management of water slurry in the later stage of middle rice should be strengthened, and the irrigation technology of dry and wet should be adopted. The water cut-off before harvest should not be too early, and it is appropriate to cut off water 5-6 days before harvest. This can improve root activity, raise roots and protect leaves, and prevent green withering, forced ripening and premature senescence. Agricultural changes of


autumnal equinox solar terms -- strengthening field management of vegetables, planting and colonization of chrysanthemum, spinach, garlic, Autumn Potato, onion, green vegetables, parsley, yellow bud vegetables, etc. Strengthen field management of vegetables in the field to prolong the harvest and supply period. Collect water chestnut, lotus root and water bamboo. Farming changes of


in autumnal equinox -- breeding livestock in autumn and continuing to process Tibetan green roughage. Poultry hatch in autumn. Carry out epidemic prevention of livestock and poultry in autumn. Strengthen the feeding and management of adult fish, prevent and control fish diseases, increase the feeding of refined materials, promote the rapid growth of adult fish, catch and market by stages.

autumnal equinox solar term farming changes -- formulate autumn sowing plan and do a good job in the adjustment and exchange of surplus and shortage of autumn sowing seeds. III. select and treat seeds before sowing wheat and broad bean, and conduct germination test. Oilseed rape shall be used as the seedbed, and the seedlings shall be planted before the end of September. The seedbed management of sown oilseed rape shall be strengthened.

秋分农事的变化 活动有哪些 关于秋分农谚 you may be interested in: the agricultural proverb about the autumnal equinox

on the auspicious day of travel in 2020. Buckwheat will return home in four eighteen and seventy-two days. Green 18, red 18, white 18, black 18, take it home in 72 days. At the autumnal equinox, peanuts fall late and leaves fall empty. The autumn equinox cotton is white. In February and August, the day and night are flat. It rains on August 15 and snowflakes on January 15. If you throw it in the field, there will be no harvest. If you take it or not, you must lose it. I'm not afraid of not having a good harvest, but I'm afraid of losing my men. The most improper way is to sun flowers on the road, which hinders traffic and is easy to catch fire. The dumplings ring, and the sweet potatoes and radishes grow. Autumn is divided, winter is covered, and spinach will be eaten during the Qingming Festival next year. In late autumn, crops continue to be managed and harvested as they mature.

秋分农事的变化 活动有哪些 关于秋分农谚 you may be interested in: on the auspicious day of construction in 2020,


cotton will be sprayed in the middle, and it will be picked up every four to six days. Medium spraying cotton is of good quality, and the single storage and seed retention is timely. Spinach and shallots should be planted, and cabbage should be watered and fertilized. Cover the film in the winter warm greenhouse and plant cucumbers and tomatoes. Silage straw will continue to be used, and livestock breeding machines will not be lost. Fish bait can not be reduced, lotus root harvest is pushed to the market. Autumnal equinox, Equinox Day and night.

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