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The beginning of winter is the first solar term to pay attention to

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Lidong is one of the 24 solar terms. Lidong means the beginning of winter, but people don't know much about Lidong. Let's learn about Lidong today! So how many solar terms is Lidong? What should we pay attention to at the beginning of winter? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬是第几个节气 需要注意的事项 you may be interested in: on the auspicious day of travel in 2020,

Lidong is the first solar term: the 19th Lidong is the 19th of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, which is determined based on the sun reaching 225 degrees of the Yellow meridian. Lidong is one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, and the time point is between November 7-8 of the Gregorian calendar, That is, the sun is at 225 ° of the Yellow meridian. At this time, the earth is located at - 16 ° 19 ', and the noon sun height in Beijing is only 33 ° 47'. After the beginning of winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten and the noon sun height will continue to decrease. Chinese people begin winter with the beginning of winter. During the beginning of winter, there is a food custom that needs tonic to survive the severe winter. In ancient China, it was a folk custom to take the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. According to the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, "the beginning is the beginning of the construction", and "winter is the end, and all things are collected." it means that all crops are collected and dried in autumn, collected and put into storage, and animals have been hidden for hibernation. In fact, "beginning of winter" is the same as "beginning of autumn". The ancients also used divination to see the cold and warm of winter in this season, such as "beginning of winter is sunny, one winter is cold (cold); beginning of winter is cloudy (cloudy and rainy), one winter is warm (warm winter)". Without exception, in ancient times, on the day of the beginning of winter, the emperor personally led the three gongs and nine Qing officials to the northern suburbs to "welcome the winter".


and 立冬是第几个节气 需要注意的事项 you may be interested in: what should be paid attention to in the beginning of winter on the auspicious day of


in 2020 1. After the beginning of winter, people should focus on "cultivating and storing" Yang Qi. People should go to bed early appropriately and should not get up too early in the morning, so as to ensure sufficient sleep time.

2. Open windows for ventilation. In winter, the doors and windows are usually closed, resulting in poor indoor air circulation. Open windows for ventilation for 20 minutes every morning, noon and evening to keep the indoor air fresh.


and 立冬是第几个节气 需要注意的事项 you may be interested in: the auspicious day of certification in 2020


3. Regulate bad emotions. The sunshine time in winter becomes shorter, which is also easy to produce a depressed mood. When the night comes, the secretion of melatonin in the human brain increases, which will affect people's emotions. During the day, you can appropriately increase the time to bask in the sun and walk outdoors.

4. Exercise properly and sweat a little. For health preservation in winter, exercise your muscles and bones properly and sweat a little, so as to strengthen your body. Exercise should combine dynamic and static. Running exercises should only be slightly like sweating. Sweating is discouraged, which is contrary to the way of Yang hiding in winter.

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