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Will it be cold when frost falls? What flowers will bloom

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frost is the 16th of the 24 solar terms and the last one in autumn, but people don't know much about frost. Let's learn about frost today! Will it be cold when frost falls? What flowers will bloom in frost? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

霜降节气会冷吗 开什么花 you may be interested in: will the frost falling solar terms of

on the auspicious day of construction in 2020 be cold: cold in the north of China, when the temperature drops at night, the water vapor in the air will adhere to its surface and condense into frost. In the morning, before the sun comes out, we can often see the rime wrapped on the dry branches, which is nature's reminder that winter is coming. In southern China, this solar term is entering a busy period of autumn harvest and autumn planting. We know how the ancients felt about frost from Guoyu · zhouyuzhong: "when the fire sees, the breeze warns against cold." Wu Weizhao of the Three Kingdoms noted: "it is said that after frost, the breeze comes first, so people should be warned against cold preparation." Chapter 15 of part I of Wei Wei Wei's Oriental: "on the solar terms, there have been several frosts here before frost." it is enough to prove that the solar terms of frost have come, The weather changed from cold to cold. The arrival of frost solar terms has a strong chill. The beginning of winter is approaching. The frost term means that the weather is getting colder and the first frost appears. It is the last term in autumn and also means the beginning of winter. In the frost season, health care is particularly important. There is a folk proverb: "it is better to replenish frost in a year", which shows the impact of this term on us. So it will get colder and colder after the frost falls. Osmanthus fragrans is one of the top ten traditional flowers in China. It is an excellent ornamental and practical garden tree species integrating greening, beautification and fragrance. Osmanthus fragrans can be distinguished by its clear dust and strong energy. Especially in the mid autumn, when the cluster of Osmanthus is in full bloom and the night is quiet and round, you can enjoy the osmanthus with wine, and the smell of Chen Xiang is refreshing. In ancient Chinese poems on flowers, the number of works on Osmanthus is also considerable. It has been deeply loved by the Chinese people since ancient times and is regarded as a traditional famous flower.

霜降节气会冷吗 开什么花 you may be interested in: on the auspicious day of travel in 2020,

Hibiscus blooms from August to November. Hibiscus flowers are shrubs and small trees. Their flowers are white or pink or red. They are as bright as Hibiscus water, and they are like the spreading petals of Han. Because they are born on land and are woody plants, they are also called "Hibiscus". Hibiscus flowers change three times a day, so it is also known as "three change flowers". Its flowers begin to bloom in late autumn, but the frost invades the dew and Ling is rich and gorgeous, occupying the style of late autumn, so it is also known as "frost repellent flower". The natural flowering period of


camellia is from August to April of the next year. The flowers are large, divergent from inside to outside, with strong aroma. They can be widely used in horticultural cultivation and flower cutting. The rose is adaptable, cold resistant and cold resistant. It is suitable for landscaping, decorating gardens, arranging flower beds, planting flower hedges and flower frames. It is easy to grow, and can be cut flowers for flower bouquet and flower basket. Rose flowers can extract essence and can be used as medicine.


and 霜降节气会冷吗 开什么花霜降1 you may be interested in: Rosemary


is a rare natural spice plant. Rosemary will give off a fragrant smell in the growing season and has the effect of clearing the heart and refreshing. Its stems and Ye Hehua have pleasant fragrance, and the fragrant oil extracted from flowers and shoots can be used to mix air cleaner, perfume, soap and other cosmetic ingredients. The most famous make-up water is made from rosemary and can be used in beverages, skin care oil, hair restorers and laundry ointment. It can also improve language, vision and hearing disorders, enhance attention, treat rheumatic pain, strengthen liver function, reduce blood sugar, contribute to the treatment of arteriosclerosis and help paralyzed limbs recover their activity.

chrysanthemums usually bloom from September to November. Chrysanthemum is one of the four gentlemen and one of the four largest cut flowers in the world (chrysanthemum, rose, carnation and Gladiolus). Chrysanthemum is the owner of autumn. Chinese people have the custom of enjoying chrysanthemums and drinking chrysanthemum wine on the Double Ninth Festival. Tang Meng Haoran's "passing through the old man's village": "when the double ninth day comes, chrysanthemums will come." in ancient myths and legends, chrysanthemums are also given the meaning of auspiciousness and longevity.

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