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What does heavy snow mean? Poems about heavy snow

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The 21st solar term in the 24 solar terms of

is heavy snow. Heavy snow is the solar term after light snow. It has entered winter when there is heavy snow. What does heavy snow mean? What are the poems about heavy snow? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

大雪意味着什么 关于大雪的诗句 you may be interested in: what does heavy snow mean when it comes to

on the auspicious day of construction in 2020? Heavy snow ≠ snow. The so-called heavy snow means that if it snows today, it will be heavier than during light snow, which also means it will be colder. Heavy snow = cooling = the coldest season has just come; Heavy snow = freezing rain (RIME) + rime according to statistics, rime will appear successively in the northwest, northeast and most of the Yangtze River Basin from November to February, and it is more common in mountainous areas with high humidity. Rime is the milky white ice crystal deposit on the object caused by the direct condensation of water vapor in the gas at low temperature or the direct freezing of supercooled fog droplets. There are many places with rime days in winter in China: Heilongjiang, Jilin, Northern Xinjiang and Northern Shaanxi. Among them, the rime in Jilin is the most famous. The rime for several consecutive days has formed an ice and snow world, which surprises people who like tourism and photography. Rime is a kind of natural beauty widely appreciated by people, but it sometimes becomes a natural disaster. In serious cases, it will break wires and trees, affecting traffic, power supply and communication.


and 大雪意味着什么 关于大雪的诗句 you may be interested in: the poem about heavy snow "spring snow" of


on the auspicious day of travel in 2020 Han Yu did not have youth in the new year, and he was surprised to see grass sprouts in early February. Snow is too late for spring, so it wears court trees as flying flowers.


in "Snow", Luo Yin talks about the auspiciousness of a good year. How can there be poor people in Chang'an? It is not suitable to have more


in "looking at the remaining snow in the South" the ancestor chants the beautiful Yin mountains in the south, and the snow floats in the clouds. The forest shows that it is getting colder and colder in the city.


in snow, Gao Pian's six flying flowers come into the house, sitting and watching the green bamboo change into Qiong branches. Now it's good to look up from high buildings and build all the evil roads in the world.

大雪意味着什么 关于大雪的诗句 you may be interested in: the auspicious day of obtaining the certificate in 2020

snow poem Zhang Zi. It is difficult for birds to find in the heavy snow in Chang'an. Among them, haogui's house has four walls of mashed pepper. There are red furnaces everywhere, and Zhou Huixia Luomi. Warm your hands, mix the gold wire, dip it in jiachongqiong liquid. Drunk singing, jade dust flying, trapped melting fragrant juice drops. Do you know that people who are hungry and cold have chapped hands and feet.


heavy snow: Lu You has never seen heavy snow in the south of the Yangtze River. Yan Ning began this year. Skillfully wear the curtain, like looking for each other, which weighs heavily on the forest tops. Felt strategies throw Lu forget to sleep at night, and Jin Ji immediately fears the morning. In this life, I laugh at my late fame and dream that the Yellow River is completely frozen.


snow on the river by Liu Zongyuan, birds in thousands of mountains fly away, and people in thousands of paths disappear. A lone boat, a coir hat and an old man, fishing alone for the snow in the cold river.

snow at night Bai Juyi was surprised that the pillow was cold and the window was bright again. The snow is heavy at night, and the sound of bamboo folding is heard.

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