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Cold dew blessings 2019 warm greetings

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cold dew is one of the 24 solar terms and one of the solar terms in autumn. When the weather changes, people pay attention to the problem of keeping warm and will also give tips to their friends to add clothes. What are the blessings of cold dew? What are the greetings of cold dew and warm heart? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue!

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complete collection of cold dew blessings 2019 1. Cold dew tips: cold diet, gradual separation, cooked food, warm things, warm stomach and spleen, autumn flowers and Autumn moon, wonderful scenery and wonderful seasons, climb with the wind, enjoy the autumn, add clothes with cold weather, keep disease away, exercise more and keep healthy. 2. Han Lu said, "the weasel stands at attention -- show a little hand". Salute to you, greet you and bless you. May your big brother "grey wolf" be happy, warm, lazy, beautiful and happy every day! 3. There are flowers and dew. Good customs, wind and rain show true feelings. Friends miss you for a long time. They look forward to meeting each other every day. Cold dew is very cold in autumn. May you add clothes and keep warm. I wish you all the best and good health. 4. The cold dew is coming. I would like to represent: the dripping autumn dew, the frost, the drooping autumn fruit, the sweet sugarcane, the flying geese moving south and the chrysanthemums everywhere. I wish you a cold day, not a cold body and a good mood every day! 5. When cold dew comes, there is a lot of dryness. Eat more honey and sesame, nourish yin and moisten lung, avoid spicy, balance mentality should be open-minded, and the temperature difference between morning and evening changes greatly. Add clothes to prevent wind and cold. Finally, tell me that health care can't fall.

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6. Twelve strokes of cold word, cold dew; I wish you a clean life and two birds with one stone in your career; I wish you a clean break with your troubles and happiness kill two birds with one stone; Finally, I wish you all the best, Hanlu happy! 7. When the cold dew comes, happiness puts on a happy coat for you, beauty puts on a happy jacket for you, auspiciousness puts on a lucky hat for you, peace puts on healthy shoes for you, and friends send sincere wishes for you: May you be well and everything go well! 8. The guests from the wild geese walk in a spectacular way. The birds are clams in the flood. The chrysanthemum has the beautiful scenery of Huang Huatian. The cold wave strikes in the cold dew season. You need to keep fit with the climate, nourish yin, prevent dryness, moisten your stomach and lungs, be optimistic and open-minded. I wish you a more posture in your life! 9. The cold dew has arrived, the weather is changeable, the cold wave is wanton, and the air conditioner wanders around. It's important to keep out of the cold. Send you three treasures: add clothes in time, exercise a lot, send text messages, and feel comfortable! Finally, I wish you a cool cold dew! 10. Here comes the cold dew: May you show your love clothes and show the cold dew fashion; May you show your momentum and show the brilliance of cold dew; May you show your strength and resist the cold dew; I wish you a happy cold dew!

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11. The cold dew makes the weather cold, and the greeting makes the heart warm. If we have more greetings, we will have more warmth. Let's greet each other, wish each other good luck, and enjoy our "warm autumn" together! 12. Today's cold dew, cold dew has three Hou: one waiting for goose guests, and the other waiting for birds to enter the flood as clams; Three waiting chrysanthemums have yellow flowers. No matter how the seasons change and how the scenery changes, as long as you are here, I will have enough warmth to go through the late autumn and winter! 13. When the cold dew arrives, the dew condenses and the cold wind arrives, go out sooner or later, wear masks, autumn clothes and trousers, don't forget, it's not old-fashioned to cover the spring and autumn freeze, and it's king to add it evenly in time. Don't delete the text message, and it's more reliable to care about friends! 14. In the season of cold dew and alternating cold and heat today, dew condenses into frost, which is very cold. In order to resist the cold wave, we must use warm colors to reconcile, such as red with yellow. Honey, go and see the red leaves of Xiangshan and take ginkgo Avenue! 15. In the cold dew season, let the autumn wind blow away your troubles; Watch the autumn leaf dance, dance leisurely and carefree; Let autumn rain drench you with success and good luck; Let the message fly, fly the true blessing: May you keep warm with happiness and warm up with happiness.

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