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Proverbs of the cold dew solar term

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cold dew is the seventeenth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms. When it is cold, people also pay attention to keeping warm. What are the proverbs and nursery rhymes of the cold dew solar term? What are the classic proverbs of Han Lu? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

寒露节气的谚语童谣 经典谚语大全 you may be interested in: the cold dew is a proverb of the cold dew solar term

. If the cold dew meets a rainy day, it will rain in February (Hunan). The cold dew is rainy and there is no heavy water in spring; Cold dew and little rain, heavy water in spring (Fujian), cold dew, cloudy rain, autumn frost, cold dew and rain wind in late (Hebei), clear and sunny wind in Qingming (Hebei), cold dew and frost fall festival, tight wind is snow (Jiangxi), cold dew and frost in late rice injury (Jiangsu and Hunan) fog days, cold dew and snow rush to (Hebei) cold dew before snow, thunder before and after cold dew in early winter (Hebei), and it will be rainy in the coming year (Anhui, Hunan, etc.) the cold dew has passed three dynasties, and the bridge (Guangdong) must be found to cross the water. The cold dew is sunny in the coming spring (Hebei). The cold dew is sunny in the coming year, and the winter snow is less. The spring rain is more (Hebei)

寒露节气的谚语童谣 经典谚语大全 you may be interested in: the 24 solar terms

have no rain, no frost in a hundred days (Hunan). The cold dew has black clouds, and the ridge rain lasts a long time (Hunan and Guangxi) Cold dew has little rain in winter, cold dew has no rain, cold dew has more rain in winter (Guangxi), grain in ear has less rain (Fujian), cold dew has more rain, there is no flood in spring (Fujian), cold dew has rain (Hunan), cold dew has rain retting frost (Guangdong), cold dew falls rain, rotten millet (Guizhou), cold dew has rain, and then it will be rainy (Hunan)


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The ballad of the cold dew solar term. It's getting colder in the cold dew season, and farmers don't stop every day. Wheat sowing is still booming, and late rice harvesting is taking time. Sweet potatoes are reserved for fear of freezing damage, and soybeans are harvested in the cold open air. Yellow smoke peanuts should also be harvested, and cotton should be picked in sunny weather. Don't neglect the chemical ripening of late maturing cotton. It's important to graft big lifelike cucumbers to keep warm and moisturized The key. When the purple red mountain plants are picked, the bright red pomegranate is sour and sweet. When the fruits are finished, the trees will be managed, and the fields will be turned over by fertilizing and spraying. It is a good time to collect tree species, and the local provenance spirit will be the focus. Livestock and poultry feeding should be technical, and pregnant female animals should be carefully managed. Overwintering fish species must be fattened, and adult fish should be caught to collect lotus root thicken.

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