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Skills of catching carp in cold dew solar term and selection of fishing position

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for fishing lovers, autumn is a good season and time for fishing. Because there are many fish, what are the skills of catching carp in the cold dew solar term? What is the choice of fishing position? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 寒露节气钓鲤鱼技巧 钓位选择 you may be interested in: fishing skills for carp in the cold dew solar term of


on the auspicious day of obtaining the certificate in 2020. Fishing position selection 1. Clear water, that is to find the live water at the water inlet and lower the rod. If there is no stagnant pond with water source (relying on the rain), you should find a man-made bridge slab, the same below, beside the stone cellar piled on the reef, the pothole soil trench at the bottom of the river, beside the sundries of tree stumps and beams, and the change of water and grass on both banks. These are the places where carp like to flee and hide.

2. Muddy water selection muddy water refers to the muddy water of flood in flood season. Of course, if the water potential is particularly fierce and the sediment is seriously turbid, it is not suitable. Generally, you should choose the "Erhuang muddy water" under the pole after the ebb tide, and you should set a specific point according to the favorable terrain in these fishing Proverbs: "all the fish in the rising water pull aside, the carp are 3 meters away from the shore, and the pit can hide from the waves and avoid the rapids to catch the river bend".

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3. Choose the position in the morning and evening of late autumn. The air is particularly fresh and the oxygen in the water is relatively stable and sufficient. At this time, carp like to swim to the grass in shallow water near the shore for food. But unlike crucian carp and grass carp, it has a lazy habit of "not entering dense grass, drilling thin grass, not next to grass, wandering in the 'bright water Hall' on the bank, and casually looking for food". Therefore, especially in the evening when the external interference of the water environment is reduced, it is easiest to catch carp who like to be quiet and afraid of disturbance 4-5 meters away from the shore.


need to gather the food for feeding the nest. 1. Early means early feeding the nest. For example, based on one week, feed the nest at the selected fishing point at dusk every day for the first four days, and feed it regularly in the next three days, except at dusk, and then in the morning of the next day. In this way, seven days later, feed the fishing point into a "canteen", so that the carp gradually form the habit of going to look for food regularly.

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2. Miscellaneous means that the feeding cannot be single. If it's a traditional bait, mix dry wheat, corn kernels, millet, rice, corn flour and wheat bran, steam them, cut them into small squares with a thumb tip, and mix them with 70% ripe potato kernels and bean cake.

3. More means that you can't lure fish into the nest just by feeding a handful of wheat and a lump of dough. In this way, it is not easy to be detected by big fish in the distance, but also driven away by some small miscellaneous fish nearby. Therefore, when fishing for big fish, the amount of nest feeding is generally 15-20 times that of crucian carp, so as to give play to its actual luring effect and relatively protect the nest and retain fish.


bait choose carp as omnivorous fish. They eat meat and vegetables, but they like slightly sweet and dislike sour. Usually, in addition to commercial bait, the traditional meat bait is mainly insects, such as Tian silkworm (silkworm) and di silkworm (native silkworm), cabbage worm, etc.; vegetarian baits are mainly pasta, tender corn, rice and sweet potato. However, in late autumn, due to the change of water environment, its activity increases, which increases its appetite; in addition, due to the change of water quality with clear, muddy, fat and lean solar terms, its food preference will be changed periodically, that is to say, fish species that eat meat and vegetables are more disgusted with meat in late autumn Therefore, there is a proverb that "cold dew green insects catch carp, frost earthworms catch crucian carp" Recommendation of relevant articles: what time is the cold dew? Can moxibustion be carried out in 2019? Is the cold dew a traditional festival in China? What is the temperature? Does the person born cold dew represent the things that must be done? What does the cold dew of the twenty-four solar terms mean? What are the Ballads? What are the proverbs and poems describing the cold dew solar terms

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