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What is the date of light snow in 2020

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when it comes to light snow, the first reaction in people's mind may be that it will snow, but light snow is actually one of the 24 solar terms. Generally, it is before and after November 22 of the Gregorian calendar every year, and the time is different every year. So what month and day is the light snow in 2020? Next, let's take a look at this issue of the old yellow calendar!

2020年小雪是几月几日 you may be interested in: what month and day is light snow? Custom origin

Q: what month and day is light snow in 2020? A: the eighth day of October in the lunar calendar, and Sunday, November 22, 2020 in the new calendar.

Introduction to light snow light snow is the 20th of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar. The solar yellow meridian is 240 °, and the temperature drops. It begins to snow, but it is not the season of heavy snow, so it is called light snow. Entering this solar term, the northwest wind in vast areas of China began to become a regular visitor, and the temperature dropped gradually to below 0 ℃, but the light snow was not the coldest time of the year.

2020年小雪是几月几日 you may be interested in: 24 solar terms

light snow diet in northern China, ordinary people eat instant boiled mutton in light snow season. Because in the general light snow solar terms, the weather is cloudy, cold and dark, and there is less light, it is easy to cause or aggravate depression at this time. Warm tonic foods suitable for this season include mutton, beef, chicken, etc; Kidney tonic foods suitable for eating include cashew nut thicken, yam, chestnut, ginkgo, walnut, etc. In some places in the south, there is also the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar. In ancient times, Ciba was a traditional festival sacrifice in southern China. It was first used by farmers to sacrifice cattle gods. There is a saying that "in October Dynasty, CILU was burned", which refers to the sacrificial event. Therefore, on the day of light snow, southerners generally choose to eat Ciba.

2020年小雪是几月几日 you may be interested in: what does the light snow solar term mean? What does the light snow mean?

related folk proverbs: light snow festival to heavy snow, heavy snow festival to no snow. Light snow closed the land and heavy snow closed the river. If the small snow is not sealed, the heavy snow can still plough. Light snow doesn't pull out the cotton and firewood, the ground is frozen, and there are only stubbles left after sickle cutting. If light snow can't afford vegetables (cabbage), it will be frozen. Snow does not cut vegetables, there must be a harm. Take advantage of the fact that the ground is not frozen, quickly remove the tree species. If the ground is not frozen, planting trees can't rest. With rain and snow, there is no rest. Snow closed the land, but the old man continued to plough the land. Light snow can't plough, heavy snow can't boat.

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