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What does frost fall solar term mean? What are the farming characteristics

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frost falling solar term is one of the 24 solar terms and the last solar term in autumn. When frost falls, people also change their autumn clothes and pay attention to the problem of climate change. What does the frost falling solar term mean? What are the characteristics of frost farming? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

霜降节气含有什么的意思 农事特征是什么 you may be interested in: what does the

frost term mean on the auspicious day of 2020: the temperature drops suddenly, the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly, the weather is getting colder and frosty, which is the 18th of the 24 solar terms. Fighting finger Xu; The solar yellow meridian is 210 °; The festival is held from October 23 to 24 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The cold weather begins with frost. Frost is the last solar term in autumn, the solar term reflecting the change of temperature, the transition from autumn to winter, which means that winter is about to enter. As the saying goes, "frost kills all grass". After frost, plants gradually lose their vitality and the earth is bleak. Frost does not mean "frost", but that the weather is getting colder; When frozen, there is frost. The earth may have the phenomenon of initial frost due to freezing. After the frost term, the scene of late autumn is obvious, and the cold air is more and more frequent.


and 霜降节气含有什么的意思 农事特征是什么 you may be interested in: frost is the custom of a few months and days. After the frost term of


, the weather gradually becomes cold and the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly. "Frost drop" reflects a sudden drop in temperature, not that it will "frost" when entering this solar term. There is no concept of "frost fall" in meteorology. In meteorology, the first frost in autumn is generally called "early frost" or "first frost", while the last frost in spring is called "late frost" or "final frost"; The interval from the last frost to the first frost is the frost free period. "Frost reduction" usually occurs from autumn to spring. "Frost" is a manifestation of cold weather. Since frost has frost, autumn frost and spring frost are collectively referred to as frost. Agricultural characteristics of


frost fall is an important farming period, and frost fall solar term is the final harvest season of autumn crops. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the areas to the south are in the golden season of winter wheat planting. Rape has generally entered the second leaf stage. After the frost, most parts of southern China began to collect and dig sweet potato. After the frost, this kind of farmland soil has been planted in the vast areas of northern China, and some agricultural land will be in the slack period in winter. After the frost in North China, it is time to harvest Chinese cabbage.

霜降节气含有什么的意思 农事特征是什么 you may be interested: the frost drop of

in the 24 solar terms is a watershed for cotton prices. This is because the cotton after frost is basically lower per kilogram than that before frost. Because the quality of pre frost flowers is better than that of post frost flowers, many spinning mills basically use pre frost flowers for high-quality cotton yarn, and cotton farmers strive to pick and sell cotton before frost. Frost is the condensation of water vapor on the ground in cold weather, so frost is not frost. Frost does great harm to growing crops. As the climate gradually turns cold, once the temperature of the ground or ground objects drops below 0 ℃, it is easy to form frost, causing frost damage to crops with poor cold resistance such as wheat and rape in the seedling stage. Frost will also affect the quality of cotton and form "flowers after frost" or "red flowers".


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