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What month is the beginning of spring in 2020

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is the first of the 24 solar terms. The arrival of the beginning of spring represents the beginning of spring, and everything begins to recover, showing a vibrant picture. The beginning of spring in 2019 has long been away from us. Next, welcome the beginning of spring in 2020. What month and date is the beginning of spring in 2020? Next, let the old yellow calendar take you to learn more about it.

2020年立春是几月几号 you may be interested in: 24 solar terms

Q: what month is the beginning of spring in 2020? A: the beginning of spring in 2020 is Tuesday, February 4, the eleventh day of the first lunar month. Introduction of


beginning of spring beginning of spring is an important traditional festival among Chinese people, "beginning" means "beginning". Since the Qin Dynasty, China has always regarded beginning of spring as the beginning of mengchun season. As the saying goes, "the plan of a year lies in spring", spring is warm, birds sing and flowers smell; Spring is growth, ploughing and sowing. The beginning of spring solar term has a long history of more than 3000 years. Since the Qin Dynasty, China has been taking the beginning of spring as the beginning of spring. The origin of


can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty. At that time, the people had realized the importance of spring. On this day, from the emperor to the common people, they will pray for happiness and happiness through sacrifice, hoping to have a good weather, peace and harvest in this year. Although with the passage of years, there are no many ancient rituals for the beginning of spring, people still attach great importance to this day, and some friends will improve their fortune in various ways.

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the beginning of spring is a symbol of warmth and represents the fragrance of birds and flowers. At the beginning of spring, people obviously feel that the day is long, the sun is warm, the spring breeze is no longer biting, and the temperature, sunshine and rainfall are often at the turning point of the year. Spring is growth, cultivation and sowing. The agricultural proverb reminds people: "when the rain comes in the beginning of spring, get up early and go to bed late." spring preparation has also begun. The custom of


at the beginning of spring, also known as "beating spring", "biting spring", also known as "Primula". Like many other festivals, this festival has many folk customs, including celebrations and activities to greet the spring and travel in the spring, the custom of "beating cattle" and biting spring to eat spring cakes, spring plates and turnips. According to historical documents, the spring welcoming ceremony of all dynasties in China is grand and vast. At this time, the beginning of spring has exceeded the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, only marking the functions of seasons and climate, but has been regarded as a festival. Therefore, in history, many activities and folk customs have evolved around the beginning of spring, such as "spring baby", "spring whip", "spring roll", "playing spring", "spring wine", "spring cow" and so on. Biting spring refers to the custom of eating spring dishes, spring cakes, spring rolls and radishes on the spring day. One word "biting" tells many food customs during the festival. Spring plate spring cake is loaded with vegetables, fruits and cake bait to feed relatives and friends or eat by themselves, which is called spring plate.

2020年立春是几月几号 you may be interested in: the classic couplet of the beginning of spring

the taboo of the beginning of spring 1. Don't see a doctor on the day of the beginning of spring. If you see a doctor, it means no good luck for a year. This statement is just to get a good start. It's like not seeing a doctor on the first day of the new year. There's nothing to delay a little. 2. It is unlucky not to have a haircut at the beginning of spring. As the saying goes: hair is the vegetation of the human body. When spring warms up, the vegetation is born, and the newly born vegetation is damaged. This is not the reason for the growth of vegetation in the operation of heaven and earth. Moreover, 365 days a year, why do you have to choose this day to have a haircut? 3. Don't lie down on the day of spring. Sit or stand up and walk. It is said that spring warms the earth. This is the beginning of all things. People should also have a good mental outlook to welcome the recovery of spring. I suggest you go to the fields or parks to absorb the fresh air, feel the vitality and nature, and ask for luck for your new year. 4. Don't quarrel, don't speak dirty words, don't quarrel, be kind and happy to welcome the spring. The new year has a new look, a good mood and a good start can usher in the harmony, beauty and prosperity of the coming year. 5. Do not move on the day of spring. Many people should know that when moving, do not choose to move on top of the four pillars and eight festivals, because this is the time of integrity handover. The atmosphere is complex, so it is not suitable to move. It is not suitable for turbulence at the beginning of a year.


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