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What flowers bloom in frost? What flowers bloom in frost

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in the 24 solar terms, frost is the 18th solar term and the last solar term in autumn, but many flowers will bloom at this time. What flowers will bloom when frost falls? What flowers bloom red in frost? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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bloom during frost? Chrysanthemums usually bloom from September to November. Chrysanthemum is one of the four gentlemen and one of the four largest cut flowers in the world. Chrysanthemum is the owner of autumn. There are many kinds of chrysanthemums, all competing to open in autumn.

morning glory morning glory blooms from June to October every year. There are many kinds of morning glory and complex colors. In addition to being ornamental, the seeds are also commonly used Chinese medicinal materials, called Er Chou.

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bloom from September to October. The Japanese alias of the other shore flower is "Manzhu shahua", which is a transliteration from the Chinese Sanskrit "mahamanzhu shahua". Originally meant as the flower in the sky, the big red flower is one of the four auspicious omens (manzhusha Hua, Maha Manshu Sha Hua, Mandala Hua, Maha Mandala Hua). The code says that whoever sees this flower will remove evil from himself.

Hibiscus Hibiscus blooms from August to November. Hibiscus flowers are shrubs and small trees. Their flowers are white or pink or red. They are as bright as Hibiscus water, and they are like the spreading petals of Han. Because they are born on land and are woody plants, they are also called "Hibiscus". Hibiscus flowers change three times a day, so it is also known as "three change flowers". Its flowers begin to bloom in late autumn, but the frost invades the dew and Ling is rich and gorgeous, occupying the style of late autumn, so it is also known as "frost repellent flower".

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hibiscus flowers bloom from July to October. In the south, it is mostly used as flower hedge and green hedge; Garden ornaments and indoor potted plants are used in the north. Hibiscus flower can be used as medicine or edible. Some hibiscus flowers are light purple and some are dark purple. They grow faster and have lush branches and leaves.


Osmanthus fragrans are in bloom in October. Osmanthus fragrans integrates greening, beautification and fragrance. It is one of the top ten traditional flowers in China. Osmanthus fragrans can be distinguished by its clear dust and thick energy. Especially in the mid autumn, when the cluster of Osmanthus is in full bloom and the night is quiet and round, you can enjoy the osmanthus with wine, and the smell of Chen Xiang is refreshing. In ancient Chinese poems on flowers, the number of works on Osmanthus is also considerable. It has been deeply loved by the Chinese people since ancient times and is regarded as a traditional famous flower.

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