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What is the date of ear seed in 2020

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grain in ear is the third solar term in summer. During this period, the temperature becomes hot and the precipitation is abundant. Some disastrous weather often occurs, such as drought, hail, tornado and so on. What is the month and day of grain in ear in 2020? Next, let the old yellow calendar take you to learn more about it.

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Q: what month and day is ear seed in 2020? A: grain in ear in 2020 is 12:58:18 on June 5 of the Gregorian calendar and April (small) 14 of the lunar calendar in 2020. Introduction to


grain in ear solar terms grain in ear is about June 6 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The Yellow meridian of the sun is 75 degrees. At noon on that day, the solar shadow is measured with a guibiao. The shadow length is 2 feet, 4 inches and 4 minutes of the ancient ruler, which is equivalent to 0.585 meters today. At night, the handle of the Big Dipper is pointing to the already direction, that is, South by East. This stage is generally at the end of April or the beginning of May of the lunar calendar, Also known as the afternoon moon. According to the records in the lunar calendar, "Douzhi has become a grain in ear. At this time, you can plant a grain with awn. After this, it will become invalid, so it is called grain in ear."

means that the grain in ear solar term is the most suitable for sowing grain crops with awn, such as late grain, millet, millet, etc. Grain in ear is also the dividing point of planting crops. Due to the hot weather, it has entered a typical summer. Agricultural planting is bounded by this season. After this solar term, the survival rate of crops is getting lower and lower. This is what the agricultural proverb "grain in ear is busy planting".


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ear seed are abundant rainfall and significantly elevated temperature in ear seed season. Common weather disasters include tornado, hail, strong wind, rainstorm, drought, etc.


Rain: it is rainy along the river in grain in ear season, and the Huang Huai plain is about to enter the rainy season. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have successively entered the plum rain season, with more rainy days, heavy rainfall, less sunshine and sometimes low temperature. Southwest China has also entered the rainy season of the year since June. At this time, hail weather began to increase in the plateau area in the west of Southwest China. Fan Chengda of the Song Dynasty wrote a poem in "the accumulated rain after ear planting is suddenly cold": "the plum rain pours, the nine rivers turn over, and the sea surface is wide. The farmland in the good and bitter Wu is wet, and it is cold to plant seedlings every year." it depicts the picture of continuous rain, the rivers are full and the ditches are flat, and the farmers are busy planting seedlings in cotton wadding in the cold.


temperature: during this period, people in most areas can generally experience the heat of summer, except that some areas in the northernmost part of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and Heilongjiang have not really entered summer.

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the custom of ear seed solar terms. The book of rites · monthly order records: "three seasons of ear seed: one is the birth of mantis, the other is the beginning of crowing, and the third is the silence of anti tongue." therefore, one is the birth of Mantis: the mantis laid eggs in late autumn last year, and when it came to ear seed season, Feel the birth of Yin Qi and break the shell to give birth to a small Mantis. The second Marquis begins to sing: it refers to the Shrike, a small Raptor. The Shrike that likes shade began to appear in the branches and felt the shade and sang. Third, the reverse tongue is silent: the reverse tongue is a bird that can learn the singing of other birds. At this time, it stops singing because it senses the emergence of Yin Qi.


the custom of planting seedlings in ear. The practice of planting seedlings in ear is an agricultural custom activity in southern Anhui, which began in the early Ming Dynasty. Every grain in ear season, after planting rice, in order to pray for a good harvest in autumn, Miao worship activities should be held everywhere. Every household uses new wheat flour evaporation bags to pinch the flour into the shape of grain, six livestock, melons, fruits and vegetables, and then dye the color with vegetable juice as sacrificial offerings to pray for grain harvest and villagers' peace.


are in the south. Plum ripens in May and June every year. There was an allusion to "green plum cooking wine on heroes" in the Three Kingdoms. Green plum contains a variety of natural high-quality organic acids and rich minerals. It has unique nutritional and health care functions such as purifying blood, rectifying intestines, reducing blood lipid, eliminating fatigue, beauty, adjusting acid-base balance and enhancing human immunity. However, most fresh plums are sour and difficult to import directly. They can be eaten only after processing. This processing process is boiling plums.


grain in ear solar terms. In grain in ear season, the fire is prosperous, the water is weak, the liver and kidney are weak and the heart is angry. It is necessary to eat more bitter food to calm the heart fire, eat more food to help the stomach qi and Yin, and enhance the digestive function. Often eat yam, carrot, coarse grain porridge, lily, lettuce, balsam pear, bamboo shoots, barley, cabbage, chicken feather, celery, etc. Choose sweet fruits, such as loquat, cherry, apricot, mulberry, peach, etc.


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