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What month is the Guyu in 2020

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Guyu is one of the 24 solar terms. Its appearance represents that spring is about to leave. During the grain rain, the precipitation increases greatly, which is very conducive to the growth of crops, so people will sow a lot during the grain rain. So what is the date of the grain rain in 2020? Next, let the old yellow calendar take you to learn more about it.

2020年谷雨是几月几日 you may be interested in: 24 solar terms

Q: what is the date of Grain Rain in 2020? A: Guyu in 2020 is the time of the Gregorian calendar: 22:45:21, April 19, 2020, Sunday, lunar date: Sunday, March 27, 2002. Gu Yu is one of the twenty-four solar terms and the only solar term that closely corresponds phenology, season and farming. According to the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the moon, in mid March, after the rain, the earth paste pulsating. Now it rains again. Its valley is covered by water. At this time, it is sown from bottom to top, so it is named. From April 19 to 21 every year, when the sun reaches the Yellow meridian at 30:00, it is Gu Yu. In the valley rain season, the poplars in southern China fall, the rules cry, the catkins fly, the cuckoos cry at night, the peonies spit out their pistils, and the cherries are red and ripe. At this time, the temperature in the South rises rapidly. Generally, the average temperature in late April has reached 20 ℃ to 22 ℃ except in northern and western parts of South China, which is more than 2 ℃ higher than that in the middle of April. High temperatures above 30 ℃ often occur in eastern South China one or two days, making people feel hot. Low altitude Valley industry to enter the summer. At this time, the weather was mild and the rain increased significantly, which had a great relationship with the growth and development of cereal crops.


and 2020年谷雨是几月几日 you may be interested in: Guyu is the origin of the custom of what month and day.

Guyu eats what Guyu eats in the North: Guyu eats Chinese toon to improve immunity. It is the custom of Guyu eating Chinese Toon in the North. Before and after Guyu, it is the season when Chinese toon is on the market. At this time, the Chinese toon is mellow and refreshing with high nutritional value. It is said that "Chinese toon is as tender as silk before the rain". Toona sinensis, also known as Toona sinensis bud and Toona sinensis head, was also known as Castanopsis fargesii and tiger eye in ancient times. It is the bud of Toona sinensis. Toona sinensis is generally divided into purple Toona sinensis bud and green Toona sinensis bud, especially purple Toona sinensis bud. Fresh Toona sinensis bud is rich in sugar, protein, fat, carotene and a large amount of vitamin C. Toona sinensis has considerable nutritional and medicinal value. Its leaves, buds, roots, skin and fruits can be used as medicine. Toona sinensis has the effects of improving body immunity, strengthening stomach, regulating qi, stopping diarrhea, moistening skin, resisting bacteria, diminishing inflammation and killing insects. It should be noted that due to the high nitrate content in fresh Toona sinensis, it should be blanched in boiling water before eating.

what does Gu Yu in the South eat: drink Gu Yu tea to clear the liver and brighten the eyes. Gu Yu tea is also called pre rain tea. It is spring tea harvested in Gu Yu season, also known as second spring tea. In spring, the temperature is moderate, the rainfall is abundant, and the tea tree has been recuperating for half a year in winter, which makes the spring shoots, buds and leaves plump, green in color, soft in leaf quality, rich in a variety of vitamins and amino acids, making the spring tea fresh in taste and pleasant in aroma. In addition to buds, Guyu tea has one bud and one tender leaf or one bud and two tender leaves; The tea with one bud and one tender leaf soaked in water is like an ancient flag, which is called flag; One bud and two tender leaves are like the tongue of a finch, which is called the tongue of a finch; And Qingming tea are the best of the year. Generally, the price of pre rain tea is more economical. The shape of the water is good and the taste is no worse than that of pre Ming Tea. Most tea customers usually prefer Gu Yu Tea. China tea society and other relevant departments proposed to take the annual lunar "Guyu" day as the "national tea drinking day" and hold various tea related activities. The book Shennong materia medica says: tea before the rain "take it for a long time, calm down and benefit Qi... Light body and don't get old". Guyu tea, moistened by rain and dew, is rich in nutrition and has a strong aroma. It tastes mellow and soft. It is especially good for people's health and can relieve the poor Qi of the whole body: expelling moisture with tea, preventing disease with tea and nourishing vitality with tea. It is said that Guyu's tea will clear the fire, ward off evil spirits and brighten the eyes. Therefore, there is a custom of Guyu picking tea in the south. No matter what the weather is, people will go to the tea mountain to pick some new tea and drink it back to pray for health. However, it should be noted that when drinking Guyu tea, you should pay attention not to drink it while it is "fresh".

2020年谷雨是几月几日 you may be interested in: what does the origin of Gu Yu mean? The legend of Gu Yu means

. It is popular among the people that after Gu Yu has passed three days, peony and peony will take the lead in the garden, peony will trim its feet, and the proverb that Chinese roses only go to the pedicle and flowers bloom without stagnation describes the human spring in full bloom in this solar term. Among the folk proverbs, there is a sad legend: it is said that during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty, there was a young man named Gu Yu, who was good at water. Once there was a flood in his hometown Caozhou. With this ability, he saved the villagers, risked his life to save a peony flower, and entrusted a gardener to plant it well. A few years later, Gu Yu's mother was seriously ill. Gu Yu had to take care of her while doing things. It was very hard. At this time, a beautiful woman appeared in his house and came to take care of his mother every day. Gu Yu fell in love with the woman for a long time. When Gu Yu wanted to marry the girl, he learned that the beautiful girl was a Peony Fairy, It was the peony he saved a few years ago. The Peony Fairy agreed to stay until April 8 next year, and the slave went to the valley gate to settle down. Later, the eagle, the enemy of the Peony Fairy, got seriously ill and forced the peony sisters to brew flower stamen wine to cure the disease. The peony sisters don't want to take their own blood. They brew peony wine for the evil thieves to drink, but they are captured and imprisoned by the eagle. Gu Yu experienced difficulties and dangers. On his birthday, he finally broke into the Magic Cave, defeated the eagle and rescued the flower immortals. When everyone was ready to go home, the eagle who had not yet breathed stabbed Gu Yu with a dark sword. Nun peony was so angry that she took Gu Yu's axe and cut the dying Eagle into meat and mud! Turning around, he picked up Gu Yu's body and burst into tears. Gu Yu saved the lives of these flowers with his own life. Since then, on the day Gu Yu died, the sky will rain and all peonies will open to commemorate Gu Yu.

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