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What month and day will the rain fall in 2020

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rain is the second of the 24 solar terms. The arrival of rain indicates that the breath of spring will be stronger and stronger, the rainfall will increase greatly, and the weather will become very humid. What month and day will the rain be in 2020? Next, let the old yellow calendar take you to learn more about it.

2020年雨水是几月几日 you may be interested in: 24 solar terms

Q: what month and day will the rain fall in 2020? A: Gregorian calendar: February 19, 2020 lunar calendar: Renchen day (the 26th day of the first month) in the year of gengzi in the lunar calendar. Rainwater is the second of the 24 solar terms. Every year around the 15th day of the first month (February 18-20 of the Gregorian calendar), when the Yellow longitude of the sun reaches 330 degrees, it is the rain of the 24 solar terms. At this time, the temperature rises, ice and snow melt and precipitation increases, so it is called rainwater. The rain solar term generally starts from February 18 or 19 of the Gregorian calendar and ends on March 4 or 5. Rain, like grain rain, light snow and heavy snow, is a solar term reflecting precipitation. In the first month of the lunar calendar, the sky produces water. Spring begins with trees, but those who produce trees must have water, so the rain that follows spring. And when the east wind thaws, it dissipates and becomes rain. "It means that before and after the rain solar term, everything starts to sprout, and spring is coming. For example, in Yi Zhou Shu, there are phenological records such as "wild geese coming" and "plants sprouting" after the Rain Festival.

2020年雨水是几月几日 you may be interested in: the rain is a custom of a few months and days. The custom of

rain solar term comes back to her mother's house: on the Rain Festival, married daughters bring gifts back to their mother's house to visit their parents. Women who have given birth to children must bring cans of meat, chairs and other gifts to thank their parents for their upbringing. For women who have not been pregnant for a long time, their mother sews a pair of red pants and puts them on close to their body. It is said that this can make them pregnant and have children as soon as possible. This custom is still popular in the countryside. Labaobao: there is also an interesting activity called "labaobao" among the people on the rainy day. (Baobao is Godfather). The Rain Festival is a godfather, meaning "rain and dew nourish and easy to grow". In the past, people had a habit of asking God and divination for their children to see if they needed a godfather. The purpose of looking for godfather is to let his son or daughter grow up smoothly and healthily. So there was the Rain Festival Labao. This has become a common custom year after year. The climate of


rain solar terms. Abundant rain awakens wet creatures in the field. Hibernating frogs get out of the ground. For them, this is the best season for their love and reproduction. Male frogs attract the attention of female frogs with their moving calls. Their mating eggs grow rapidly and become lovely tadpoles, Swimming in a pool of spring water near the gully field. The rainy season also awakened the green bamboo in the countryside. Its jointing speed is amazing, and the growth rate of one meter a day is far higher than that of other plants. Rain is as moist as oil. It has sound, color, emotion and rhyme. In the rainy season, the activity of cold air in the north is still frequent and the weather is changeable. In early spring, the sun is gradually rising, and the climate is becoming warmer and warmer. People gradually go to cotton and wear clothes. At this time, the north is still overcast and cold, and the temperature changes greatly. Although the rainy season is not as cold as the cold winter and December, the human skin has become relatively loose, and the resistance to the evil of wind and cold will be weakened, so it is easy to be pathogenic. Therefore, at this time, people should also pay attention to keeping warm to a certain extent. In addition, the rainy season is one of the seasons with the most cold waves throughout the year. After saying goodbye to the snowflakes and the cold soaked bones, spring quietly comes in the midst of the sudden warmth and cold. "Several early warblers compete for warm trees, and whose spring swallow pecks the new mud." in the rainy season, the farmhouse opens its windows and begins to welcome the return of the swallow. In the field, farmers began to drive cattle to the field, and the cultivation of the new year is in the process of breeding.

2020年雨水是几月几日 you may be interested in: what fruit does the rain solar term eat to clear the intestines? Health preservation and spleen maintenance of the

rain solar term: after the rain solar term, with the increase of rainfall, the evil of cold and dampness is most likely to trap the spleen. At the same time, the dampness evil is nostalgic and difficult to remove, so we should focus on the maintenance of the spleen before and after the rain. In the rain solar terms, the air of wet ground rises gradually, and dew and frost appear in the morning. Therefore, in view of such climate characteristics, diet should focus on nourishing the spleen and stomach, dispelling wind and dehumidification. Due to the cold climate at this time, you can take appropriate tonics, such as honey, jujube, yam and Tremella are all suitable tonics for this solar term. Emotional stability: this changeable weather is easy to cause people's emotional fluctuation and even uneasiness, affect people's physical and mental health, and is even more unfavorable to patients with hypertension, heart disease and asthma. In order to eliminate these adverse factors, in addition to continuing spring cover, we should take positive mental adjustment and health exercise. Maintaining emotional stability plays a very important role in physical and mental health. Exercise: after rain, the spring breeze sends warmth, and pathogenic bacteria and viruses are easy to spread with the wind, so infectious diseases are often easy to break out in spring. Everyone should protect themselves, pay attention to exercise, enhance resistance and prevent diseases.


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