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What month and day is the summer vacation in 2020

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is the fourteenth solar term among the twenty-four solar terms, and also the second solar term in autumn. During the summer, many places will recover in a short time, and autumn tigers will appear. The real cooling will come before and after the Bailu solar term. What month and day will the summer be in 2020? Next, let the old yellow calendar take you to learn more about it.

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Q: what month and day is the summer vacation in 2020? A: the summer vacation in 2020 is on the Gregorian calendar: 23:44:48 on August 22, 2020, and Saturday on the lunar calendar: Saturday, the fourth day of July, 2020.

what is summer treatment? It is one of the 24 solar terms. The solar term of relieving summer heat is on August 23 or 24 every year, when the sun reaches 150 ° of the Yellow meridian. According to the interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, the summer heat will stop here. It means that the hot summer will pass and stop here. "Chu" means hiding and ending, "Chu Shu" means that the hot summer is over. According to the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, the summer heat will stop here. "Chu" means the end. It means that the heat is about to pass, the summer heat will end on this day, and the temperature in most parts of China will gradually drop. After the summer, except for South China and southwest China, the rainy season is coming to an end in most parts of China, and the rice is ripe and harvested. Especially in North China, Northeast China and Northwest China, we must pay close attention to water storage and moisture conservation; To prevent drought during autumn planting and delay the sowing date of winter crops. The weather of


can be reflected from the name of solar terms, which reflects the change of temperature. In the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, it is said that "the summer vacation begins in the middle of July, and the summer vacation ends here." that is to say, from this day on, the hot summer is about to pass, and the weather will gradually cool up. Of course, this cooling is actually mainly aimed at the high-altitude areas in the north and southwest of China. Before and after the summer, on the one hand, the direct point of the sun began to retreat southward, on the other hand, the subtropical high also began to retreat southward, and the cold high from the Mongolian Plateau began to affect northern China. Therefore, in the "four people's monthly order" of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there is a saying that "in the summer, it is the autumn festival, so you can make a new one". That is to say, it is autumn when you are in the summer, and you need to prepare seasonal clothes.

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but in fact, due to the southward movement of the subtropical high, the Jiangnan and southeast coastal areas of China will experience a period of hot weather before and after the summer, which is commonly known as the "autumn tiger". Therefore, there is a saying that "the local custom is that the weather is still pleasant after the summer, and turns cool on the 18th day". It is going to be dew on the 18th day after the summer. Therefore, in Jiangnan area, there is also a proverb of "18 basins in summer". In other words, after the summer vacation, I have to take a bath every day. In Guangdong and Guangxi, the "autumn tiger" lasts longer. Locals even jokingly call it "Eighty pots of summer". They have to take several baths on this day! Therefore, many people in Guangdong and Guangxi have the habit of taking showers in four seasons, and they don't even give up in the north. When I was in college, I had a classmate from Guangdong who took a shower in winter in Shandong, which was impressive. After the summer vacation, there will be a good autumn season in northern China. The sky is high, the clouds are light and the temperature is suitable. It is a good time to travel. Or about three or five friends, or go with your family to welcome the autumn scenery in the wild and see the clouds rolling and relaxing. It's a pleasant time. Moreover, after the summer vacation, with the dissipation of the heat, the clouds in the sky are not as thick as in summer, and the clouds that can be evacuated freely are also particularly beautiful. Therefore, people also have the saying of "looking at clever clouds in July and August". In ancient times, even the emperor would travel and play with all officials during this period.

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the 24 solar terms of summer and farming. Functionally, the most important thing in ancient times was to guide agricultural activities. Of course, today, although urban residents are becoming more and more unfamiliar with these solar terms, the 24 solar terms still play its role in rural areas. In the twenty-four solar terms, Chushu is not like two-thirds and two to, which belongs to the less famous kind. But for farming, heat treatment is actually a very important node. As the third of the three seasons of Chushu said, "he naideng", Chushu is the time when rice is mature. The book of changes said: "I'm going to be in autumn when I'm old. I've been busy for a season or even a year. Isn't it just for the harvest of autumn? Therefore, before and after the summer, most parts of southern China are in the busy season of harvesting mid season rice. In addition, some summer and autumn crops are about to mature. Therefore, there is a saying in the agricultural proverb: "the summer is full of Rehmannia glutinosa, and every family repairs the barn". The rice needs to be dried after harvest, so the requirements for the weather are very high. When harvesting and drying, if there is a sunny weather, it would be better. In addition, in some areas, it is the time to pick the first crop of cotton before and after the summer vacation, so there is also the saying that "every family picks new cotton on a sunny day during the summer vacation". In the north of China, the rainfall began to decrease significantly after the summer, so it is particularly important to store water and preserve moisture at this time. Due to the reduction of precipitation, there may be continuous drought in summer and autumn in some places, so we should also pay attention to the fire prevention of farmland.


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