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What month is the Qingming Festival in 2020

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Qingming Festival is a traditional festival in China and one of the 24 solar terms in China. On this day, people have the custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors and sweeping tombs. At the same time, Qingming Festival is also called outing Festival. On Qingming Day, the weather is very suitable for spring outing. What is the date of Qingming Festival in 2020? Next, let the old yellow calendar show you.

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Q: what month is the Qingming Festival in 2020? A: the Qingming Festival in 2020 is April 4. The origin of


Qingming Festival it is said that the origin of Qingming Festival began with the ceremony of "Tomb sacrifice" by ancient emperors and generals. Later, people followed suit and worshipped their ancestors and tombs on this day. It has been followed by generations and has become a fixed custom of the Chinese nation. Originally, the cold food festival and the Qingming Festival were two different festivals. In the Tang Dynasty, the day of worship and tomb sweeping was designated as the cold food festival. The correct day of the cold food festival is 105 days after the winter solstice, about before and after Qingming. Because the two days are similar, Qingming and cold food are combined into one day. When Emperor Xuanzong came to the Tang Dynasty, he issued an imperial edict to make cold food tomb sweeping one of the "five rites" at that time. Therefore, tomb sweeping became an important social custom every Qingming Festival. Due to the customs of ancestor worship, tomb sweeping and outing on the Qingming Day in vast areas of China, it has gradually evolved into a traditional Chinese festival for Chinese to commemorate their ancestors in the form of tomb sweeping and worship. At the turn of mid spring and late spring, it is generally 106 days after the winter solstice and the day after the cold food festival. Tomb Sweeping activities can last about ten days before and after the festival.

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the climate and farming of the Qingming solar term. During the Qingming Festival, the temperature gets warmer and everything is thriving. Dry farming in the north and early and medium-term rice in the south of the Yangtze River have entered the season of mass sowing, and people began to rush for sunny sowing and early sowing. Farming is busy in the north and south of the river and inside and outside the Great Wall. This season, wheat growth into the most vigorous time. "In Qingming Festival, wheat grows three festivals". Wheat in the south of Huang Huai area is about to booting, and rape is already in full bloom. Qingming solar term is also the best time for afforestation, but before and after Qingming, there is still cold air intrusion from time to time, and even the daily average temperature is lower than 12 ℃ for more than 3 consecutive days, resulting in rotten seedlings of middle rice and dead seedlings of early rice. Therefore, rice sowing and planting should avoid cold tail and warm head. In the Northwest Plateau, livestock have weak resistance due to severe winter and lack of forage. At this time, it is necessary to strictly prevent the harm of strong cooling weather after the beginning of spring to old, weak and young livestock.

the custom of Qingming Festival outing is also called spring outing. In ancient times, it was called exploring spring, searching for spring, etc. In March, Qingming Festival and spring return to the earth. There is a vibrant scene everywhere in nature. It is a good time for outing. Chinese people have long maintained the habit of going on an outing during the Qingming Festival. The picture of the river during the Qingming Festival by the famous painter Zhang Zeduan depicts the lively scene of the people of Kyoto going on outings and buying and selling in the market during the Qingming Festival of the Song Dynasty.

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to sweep the tomb during the Qingming Festival, which is called "respect for thinking about the time" to your ancestors. Its custom has a long history. According to the Ming Dynasty's "a brief introduction to the scenery of the imperial capital": "in March, Qing and tomorrow, men and women sweep the tombs, carrying a burden of respect, and hanging papyrus ingots behind sedan chairs and horses, which are full of charm. Worshippers, sprinkling, crying, and weeding and adding soil to the tombs burn papyrus ingots several times and place paper money at the head of the tombs. If there is no paper money in sight, the graves will be lonely. After crying, they will not return, they will go to the fragrant trees, choose the garden, and sit in the garden as drunk as possible." in fact, tomb sweeping existed before the Qin Dynasty, But not necessarily during the Qingming Festival. Tomb sweeping during the Qingming Festival was a matter after the Qin Dynasty. It didn't become popular until the Tang Dynasty. "Qing Tongli" said: "at the age of, I paid a visit to the tomb of Kuang on the cold food and frost Festival. I was able to reach the tomb at the expiration of the period. I had wine and food and a device for cutting grass and trees. I sealed the trees in Zhou and cut off the thorns, so it is called sweeping the tomb." it is said to this day.


trees are planted before and after the Qingming Festival. The spring sun shines, the spring sun shines, and the spring rain flies. The survival rate of planted seedlings is high and grows fast. Therefore, since ancient times, China has the habit of planting trees during the Qingming Festival. Some people also call Qingming Day "tree planting day". The custom of planting trees has been handed down to this day. In 1979, the National People's Congress stipulated that March 12 is China's tree planting day every year. This is of great significance to mobilize the people of all ethnic groups to actively carry out the activities of greening the motherland.


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