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What are the climatic characteristics of the north and south of Lidong and why are they called festivals

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beginning of winter is the solar term of the 24 solar terms, and it is also the first solar term in winter. It is the solar term after frost. When frost falls, people have gradually added clothes. What are the climatic characteristics of the north and south of beginning of winter? Why is Lidong called a festival? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬南北气候特点是什么 被称为什么节日 you may be interested in: the beginning of winter is a few months and days. What are the characteristics of the North-South climate of

the beginning of winter? In the areas north of Qinling and Huaihe River in the north, cold air occurs frequently, and cooling has become the norm in this season. Therefore, we must pay attention to keeping warm. In addition, the haze weather in North China is coming, especially in Beijing and Hebei. The haze is often shrouded in the sky. When traveling, you must pay attention to wearing a mask to prevent haze. If you have nothing to do, try not to go out on the haze day. In the northeast and northwest regions, it is already a scene of heavy snow at this time, especially in the northeast Heilongjiang region, which is extremely cold. It has already entered winter long before the beginning of winter. The autumn red and yellow scene in Northwest China has not completely faded, but the snowflakes have fallen.

立冬南北气候特点是什么 被称为什么节日 you may be interested in: 24 solar terms

in South China, the beginning of winter is still the scene of summer and autumn. Especially in Hainan and Guangdong, the summer here has just left, the scene of early autumn is slowly spreading, and the winter is still a little far from here. It is said that these places can enter winter only in December, and the cold comes slowly. However, the cold in these areas comes slowly, but it goes very fast. It's not long before you put on thick clothes, and the warm spring comes in a hurry. By the way, there will be typhoons in these places after the beginning of winter, and the latest typhoon in a year may also appear at the end of December. Therefore, we should always pay attention to the news in this regard. In the southwest of Jiangnan, frost and fog appear at this time. When you get up and go out in the morning, you will be shrouded in thick fog and thin frost on plants. This means that after a few days, the cold is coming. In addition, Southwest China ushers in the rainy season at this time, with a lot of rainfall. Pay attention to prevent geological disasters.

立冬南北气候特点是什么 被称为什么节日 you may be interested in: what are the solar terms between cold dew and beginning of winter? What are the weather characteristics of

beginning of winter? Why is it called? Beginning of Winter Festival is also called "October new moon", "Qin Sui Shou", "Hanyi Festival" and "Harvest Festival". The beginning of winter solar term was a very important festival in ancient times. The ancients attached great importance to the four solar terms with the word "Li". The beginning of winter solar term was the first of winter. In ancient times, the emperor would hold grand heaven worship activities. Now, although it was not paid attention to before, the beginning of winter solar term is still a popular festival. Lidong means: Lidong, together with spring, summer and autumn, is an important festival in ancient society. On this day, the emperor will lead all civil and military officials to set up altars in the northern suburbs of the capital. For the understanding of "beginning of winter", we can't just stay in the meaning of the beginning of winter. Tracing back to the source, the ancients' understanding of "Li" is the same as that of modern people, which means to establish and start. However, the word "winter" is not so simple. The explanation of "winter" in the ancient book "collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the moon" is: "winter is the end, and all things are collected", which means that all crops are collected and dried in autumn, collected and put into storage, and animals have been hidden for hibernation. It seems that the beginning of winter not only represents the coming of winter. To put it completely, the beginning of winter means that everything collects and avoids the cold at the beginning of winter.

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