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What is the date, month and date of the great cold in 2020

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as the saying goes, winter has come, can spring be far behind? As the last of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar - great cold. The cold has come. Can spring be far behind? There's a lot to say about the cold. Do you want to know anything about the cold? Do you know what day is the great cold in 2020? What month is it? Now let's talk about the old yellow calendar.

2020年大寒是哪天 几月几号 what you may like is: how many months and days does the cold come from

the start and end time of the cold in 2020? The cold starts from January 20 to 21 of the Gregorian calendar every year: ends on Wednesday, January 20, 2020

2020年大寒是哪天 几月几号 what you may like is: 24 solar terms


"Great cold" is also a solar term representing the cold degree of the weather. In recent years, most of the weather in China is not as cold as that in the light cold season. Although it is not as cold as that in the light cold season, the cold wave moves south more frequently in the heavy cold season, with strong wind, low temperature and no snow on the ground, showing a severe cold scene of ice, snow and cold. Auspicious snow indicates a bumper year. The colder the weather is at this time, the more wine will melt the ice and snow in the coming year, and the more water will be stored in crops. If there is abnormal warmth, there may be a drought next year. This is what the old rural saying "three nine four nine opens the river, and the villagers sell their wives next year".


and 2020年大寒是哪天 几月几号 what you may like is: what are the characteristics of the cold solar terms? The cold solar terms often coincide with the end of the year. Therefore, people often rush for the new year - catching up with new year's collections, buying new year's goods, writing Spring Festival couplets, sacrificing, cleaning and pickling all kinds of wax goods. Offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods to pray for good weather in the coming year. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is much cold outside in winter, and the Yang Qi accumulates in the body. At this time, when traveling, you should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, and eat some food with pungent temperature to relieve the surface and spread the wind and cold, so as to prevent the leakage of Yang Qi. In the cold season, people have the custom of offering sacrifices to the kitchen god. They smear Guandong sugar on the kitchen god's mouth and seal his mouth with sugar in order to make his mouth colorful. The cold solar term also has the habit of eating eight treasure rice and New Year cakes, so as to achieve good luck and better color head year by year.

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