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What is frost? What clothes are suitable for wearing before and after the solar term

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The solar term after

cold dew is frost, and people know more about frost. The weather is colder and gradually enters winter. Let's learn about frost today! So what solar terms is frost? What clothes are suitable for wearing before and after frost? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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frost? The solar terms of frost contain the meaning that the weather is getting colder and begins to fall. In the Sichuan basin with south latitude, the average temperature is mostly about 16 ℃, and there are three solar terms before the first frost date. In the valley area in the south of the basin, frost can only be seen in the middle of winter. Of course, even in places with the same latitude, due to different altitude and terrain, the temperature and humidity of the air near the stratum are different, and the initial frost period and frost days are different. From a scientific point of view, the saying "dew is frost" is inaccurate.


and 霜降是什么节气 前后适合穿什么衣服 you may be interested in: frost is a kind of frozen dew formed by the dew drops of


on a few months and days. It is a small hard ice bead. Frost refers to the phenomenon of crop freezing damage caused by sharp temperature drop, and its damage temperature varies with crops, varieties and growth periods; To form frost, the temperature of the ground or ground object must be reduced below 0 ℃, and the moisture content in the air in the adjacent formation must reach a certain degree. Therefore, frost does not necessarily occur when frost occurs, and frost does not necessarily occur when frost occurs. However, because the temperature at the time of frost is relatively low, it is easy to cause frost if it continues to cool.


what clothes to wear before and after frost? The average temperature at night before and after frost is 10 ℃. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as suits, jackets, suits and thin sweaters. The actual dressing shall be subject to the local weather conditions

1. Prepare more pieces, which will decrease with the increase. As the saying goes: "if you want to be comfortable, take off frequently". Whether to add clothes or not should be determined according to the change of weather. It is not appropriate to add too much, subject to your own feeling that it is not cold. It is recommended to prepare several more autumn clothes to increase or decrease as appropriate.

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2. Wear less chemical fiber clothes to avoid static electricity. Dry things in autumn, which is prone to static electricity. The elderly with cardiovascular diseases are vulnerable to the effects of static films, which aggravate their condition or induce arrhythmias such as ventricular premature beats. Therefore, in the dry season, a certain humidity should be maintained indoors, and humidifiers can be used if necessary. For the elderly, soft and smooth cotton or silk underwear and underwear should be selected, and chemical fiber clothes should not be worn as far as possible, so as to minimize the harm of static electricity.


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