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When does dog days begin and end on what month in 2020

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dog days refer to the hottest and muggy days in summer. Dog days are calculated according to the lunar calendar. The time period of dog days is different every year. You can find out by querying calendar books or calendar websites. When will the dog days begin in 2020? When will it end? Next, let the old yellow calendar take you to learn more about it.

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Q: when does the dog days begin? A: from July 16, 2020 (May 26 of the lunar calendar).

Q: what month does the three volt days end? A: it will end on August 24, 2020 (the sixth day of the seventh lunar month). What does


mean in dog days? Dog days are the general term of first, middle and last. They are the hottest season of the year. It occurs every year from mid July to mid August of the Gregorian calendar. Its climate is characterized by high temperature, low air pressure, high humidity and low wind speed. "Fu" means that Yin Qi is forced to hide underground by Yang Qi. According to the climate law of the Chinese lunar calendar (lunar calendar), predecessors have long stipulated that the third Geng day after the summer solstice is the first volt (first volt), the fourth Geng day is the middle volt (second volt), and the first Geng day after the beginning of autumn is the last volt (third volt), the first volt and the last volt are ten days each, and the middle volt is ten or twenty days. Therefore, the three volts are thirty or forty days in total. If there are four Geng days between the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn every year, the medium voltage is ten days. If there are five Geng days, the medium voltage is twenty days. In most years, the medium voltage is twenty days.

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Daily "three essentials": meditation, good rest, exercise and meditation. The so-called meditation refers to the feeling when one's mind is as calm as water and has no distractions. As the saying goes, "peace of mind is naturally cool. "The hotter the weather is, the more we should be calm and try our best to maintain a calm and indifferent state of mind. Don't rush everything and ask for speed. Be careful not to be sulky in dog days. Learn to transfer emotions when you encounter something unpleasant. Calm down when you feel upset."


" To have a good rest in the hot summer, people are prone to sleepiness. Coupled with hard work, lunch break is more important. A perfect lunch break of 20-30 minutes can improve blood supply to the brain, relieve fatigue and prevent stroke. As the saying goes: don't sleep at noon and collapse in the afternoon. Medicine has proved that taking a nap at noon is conducive to good health and continue to work in the afternoon. Especially in the hot summer, the day is very long. If you take a beautiful nap, you will be energetic all afternoon.

If you want to do exercise, the temperature is high in summer. You must pay attention to choosing a suitable environment for exercise. Physical exercise in summer can avoid the decline of physical fitness and effectively improve the adaptability of the human body to high temperature. Exercise is also the best holy product for beauty and detoxification. An aerobic exercise in the morning is also good, which can enhance self-confidence while exercising.

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diet "three don't" : don't eat raw and cold food. Don't eat greasy food. Don't eat spicy food. Don't eat raw and cold food. In hot summer, cold food and cold drinks have become the favorite of many people. However, eating too much raw and cold food will affect your health. Raw and cold food is not easy to digest, which will stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa to produce stress response, induce stomach pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. If you wash raw food If it is not clean, it is easy to residue pesticides and bacteria, and it will also hurt the intestines and stomach; raw seafood and meat may also have parasites. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on cooked food. For cold dishes, pickles, etc., be sure to wash the ingredients carefully with clean water.

Don't eat greasy food. In summer, the temperature is high and the digestive function and resistance are relatively weakened. Therefore, drink more water and eat less greasy food. The diet should be light and eat more fresh vegetables and bean products. The diet should focus on clearing heat, removing dampness, clearing the heart and tonifying the spleen. Being too greasy will cause gastrointestinal burden and obesity. So try to eat less fried food


don't eat spicy food in summer. If you eat too much spicy fried food, or talk for a long time, lack of sleep, etc., it will often cause heat in the spleen and stomach and inflammation in the heart - commonly known as "getting angry" "When, the resistance will be reduced, and there will be symptoms such as hot cold, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and so on. Summer is dry and hot. In terms of diet, it is best to eat some light food, and it is best to eat less stimulating food such as pepper and hot pot to prevent acne on the face due to fire."


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