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frost fall is the 18th of the twenty-four solar terms. When frost falls, people change short sleeves into long sleeves. In order to let more people know the solar term of frost fall, they will choose the way of manual report. How to draw the manual report of frost fall? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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frost falls. There is less rain in summer and early frost in autumn. The summer rain is drenched, and the frost period recedes. Autumn rain penetrates the ground, and frost comes late. Autumn geese come early, so does frost. The wind is strong, there is no dew at night, and there is no frost on cloudy days and nights. The frost is heavy tonight and the sun is red tomorrow morning. Frost makes a fine day. On the day of severe frost and poison, fog and dew are good days. Thick frost poison the sun. Warm after frost, cold after snow. One night alone frost, there will be famine in the coming year; Many night frost foot, next year's harvest. Frost begins to fall (early frost), and the next year's grain rain stops (late frost). Snow makes mountains high and frost makes depressions. Single root grass in severe frost.

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when the autumn geese shout, there must be a strong wind. Late rice is afraid of early frost. Before frost falls, pick rice like chaff; After the frost falls, the rice is filled. Before frost falls, pick rice like chaff; After the frost falls, the rice is filled. Before the frost falls, the potatoes are planed.


how to prevent diseases from frost. The old saying is that if your feet are warm, your whole body will be warm. From the perspective of health preservation theory, the foot is farthest from the human heart, and the burden is the heaviest. This place is most likely to lead to poor blood circulation. In addition, the fat layer of the foot is very thin, the thermal insulation performance is poor, and it is easy to be affected by cold stimulation.

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to nourish yin and prevent dryness? After frost, the rain is less and less, the weather is dry, hot in the day and cool at night. Many people will have "cool dryness" symptoms, such as dry throat, dry nose, dry skin and so on. The most important thing is to prevent "cool dryness", starting from nourishing yin and preventing dryness, moistening lung and benefiting stomach.


go to bed early and get up early. After frost, the day is short and the night is long. The "Yang Qi" in nature begins to converge and settle. Going to bed early can conform to the convergence of Yang Qi, and getting up early can stretch lung qi. Therefore, health preservation in autumn should "go to bed early and get up early".

add clothes in time. Experiencing some cold in autumn is conducive to improving the cold resistance of skin and nasal mucosa, but it should be moderate. Some children, the elderly and those suffering from various chronic diseases should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth to prevent "freezing" from getting sick.


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