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How does Xiaoxue keep fit? How to calculate

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Xiaoxue is one of the 24 solar terms. When Xiaoxue is in winter, people also pay attention to health preservation. How can Xiaoxue keep healthy? How is light snow calculated? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

小雪如何养生 怎么计算 you may be interested in: what are the characteristics of Xiaoxue solar term

how Xiaoxue can keep healthy and raise her lungs: eat carrots raw and pears cooked. After Xiaoxue, you might as well try eating carrots raw and pears cooked. Because pear has the functions of moistening lung, clearing heat, nourishing yin and generating fluid. For patients with dry and hot cough, eating ripe pears can also increase the effect of relieving cough. Here is a simple diet prescription for your reference: Take 1 big pear and 60g honey. Dig a hole in the pear, remove the core, load it with honey, put it in a large bowl, steam it in water and eat it. Take it 1 ~ 2 times a day. Raw radish can clear away heat, generate fluid, cool blood, stop bleeding, dissipate phlegm and cough. Cooked radish is more beneficial to the spleen and stomach, eliminate food and lower Qi. Therefore, from the perspective of clearing heat and generating saliva, eating raw radish in winter is better. But it should be noted that people with deficiency of spleen and stomach should not eat radish raw. It is best to eat it after cooking, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


disease prevention: the focus is on "hiding". In the light snow solar term, we should adapt to the changing characteristics of the season, and focus on "hiding", that is, hiding the God in the house, keeping the mind quiet, regulating the mind and keeping the health, reducing the unnecessary ideological burden and being open-minded, so as to maintain a happy mood, So as to promote physical and mental health, effectively enhance disease resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

小雪如何养生 怎么计算 you may be interested in: today's light snow is cool in winter, and the temperature drops.

antidepressant: after eating more spinach and banana light snow solar terms, the weather is often cold and dark with less light. People's mood will be affected by it, which is particularly easy to cause or aggravate depression. Therefore, in terms of diet, we should selectively eat some foods that help regulate our mood.


head are most afraid of wind cold: wearing a hat starts from the light snow solar term, and the climate becomes cold, which will affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels and cause blood pressure fluctuations. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the head is the meeting of all yang meridians", that is, the head is the place where all yang meridians converge, and can not be affected by wind and cold, so you must wear a hat, pay attention to cold prevention and protect Yang Qi.

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light snow solar term? Calculation formula of light snow solar term: (y) × Interpretation of formula D + C) - L (limited to East eight time zone): y = the last two digits of the number of years, d = 0.2422, l = leap years, 21st century C = 22.36, 20th century = 23.08. Example: light snow date in 2088 = (88) × 0.2422 + 22.36) - (88 ÷ 4) = 43-22 = 21, light snow on November 21. Exception: the calculation result of 1978 plus 1 day.


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