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Is it good for a girl born in frost? What are the customs

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frost is one of the twenty-four solar terms. For those who are pregnant and are about to have a child, what they will care about is the fate of the child born on that day. Is it good for the girl born in frost? What are the customs of frost falling solar terms? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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frost term birth girl is good? Overall Universiade analysis: children born in frost term are generally very good. Most children born in frost are studious and intelligent. It is not smooth in childhood, and there are a little obstacles and twists and turns in doing things; After middle age, his fortune gradually improved, he was able to develop his career smoothly and have a wide range of financial resources. In his later years, his fortune has become smooth, his financial situation is rich and good, his life is auspicious and peaceful, and there are few troubles. It can be said to be a good life of happiness and abundance. And people born on this day are very suitable for going out for development, so they are easy to get help from noble people. However, children born on this day should pay attention to their health, do not work too hard, and pay attention to proper rest.

the custom of frost reducing solar terms. Sheep's milk, mutton and wool can be eaten or used. A good breed of milk sheep can produce a large amount of milk and can be called a poor dairy cow. In places such as Shanxi, shepherds usually kill sheep and race gods in autumn, wish the expansion of sheep in the coming year, and distribute sacrifices to the people. If there are no sheep in poverty, steamed flour cake can be made into the shape of sheep instead.

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enjoy maple leaves. After the maple leaves are invaded by frost, the leaves are red, bright and beautiful. The ancients once had a poem "frost leaves are red in February flowers". In China, such as Tianping mountain in Suzhou and Qixia mountain in Nanjing, they are famous for the beautiful scenery of maple leaves. At sunset, the red leaves are staggered. Looking into the distance, it looks like a sea of coral fire, which is very spectacular.


fighting quails after frost, which are very popular in both north and south. "Beijing Suihua Ji" says that people in the North fight quails after frost, and people cage quails in their sleeves, just like holding treasures. Most of the South fight quails at night. Elegant people make flat bottom bags with colorful threads and put quails in their sleeves with leather gloves as a pastime. Cai tieweng in the Qing Dynasty wrote a poem: "fight against thin cranes in the hard frost days."


and 霜降节气出生女孩好命吗 风俗有哪些 you may be interested in: frost fall is the custom of a few months. After the frost fall, the leaves fall, birds and animals are not easy to hide, and the mountain path is easy to identify. In the past, young and strong people often hunted on a large scale with hunting gear and Eagle dogs. A wooded place, whether plain or valley, can be delineated as an enclosure. The number of hunters can be large or small, but they are divided into two wings, from far to near, and gradually close, which is called encirclement. The hunted animals will be shared with relatives and friends when they return home. "Miscellaneous knowledge of Lushui Pavilion" quotes Zhang Wei's poem: "in October, the north wind is yellow, the Yan people and horses are full, and the wind is strong. The tiger skin cuts the saddle, carves the feather arrow, and shoots the double white wolves in Yinshan Mountain."

during the bullfight, men and women from far and near all dress up and watch the battle. On this day, the people of the two villages, blowing bronze trumpets, playing reed flute, setting off iron guns, holding umbrellas and flags, surrounded by bullfighting, entered the duel field. The ceremony was very solemn. The two sides send representatives to inspect the whole body of the cow to avoid sharp blades or other conspiracies hidden at the tip of the horn. After the inspection, drink the cow with wine, then cover the cow's eyes with leaves, lead the cow to approach its head horn, and quickly remove the leaves with eyes blocked. The two cows suddenly met and were furious, so they clashed and dueled. They were very powerful. The audience applauded and shouted, shaking the roof tiles. Before long, the outcome of the fight was known. Some fled after defeat, some died on the battlefield, and some died at both ends. The winner was in high spirits. For a moment, people congratulated him one after another, took red felt and put it on the cow, put silver horns on the cow's horns, made color with red mane, and tied red silk balls on the cow's head and tail. The sound of artillery was so loud that the cattle were sent back to the stockade according to the admission ceremony, singing and drinking, and celebrating the victory. The victorious cattle were called "flying king", "thunder king" and other powerful names.


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