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Lidong blessing 2019 is short, warm and unique

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beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. At the beginning of winter, some people will send warm greetings to important people. What are the blessings of beginning of winter? What are the short, warm and unique blessings of Lidong? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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Lidong blessings 2019 1. Today Lidong, my friend, whether it is close to the end of the world or close to the end of the world, as long as the heart is close, the distance is short, as long as the heart is quiet, no matter how busy the work is, as long as the heart is sincere, the days are bitter and sweet, As long as the heart is hot, the weather is warm no matter how cold it is. May my blessing add a trace of warmth to you. 2. Miss breaking through the layers of cold, through the cold time and space, with tenderness and sincerity, and sending warm blessings to you with a little star light. May you have a happy beginning of winter, happiness and auspiciousness, and may you have a healthy physique and a happy mood. 3. Send an expression, send warmth for you in the cold, send a blessing, make you happy and no longer lonely, give a greeting, wish you happiness every day, there are never too many auspicious words, and the words of blessing can never be finished. May my blessing accompany you forever and forever, and peace in the four seasons. 4. At the beginning of winter, I wish you a good mood and good health; Coming from Lidong, I wish you success in your career and make a lot of money; At the beginning of winter, I wish you happiness and warmth; Good beginning of winter. I wish you good luck and good luck; The beginning of winter solar terms, increase clothes to prevent cold, take more exercise, and health will always be good. 5. Send blessings at the beginning of winter: the wind is cold, the heart is warm, and the friendship is red; The sun is always bright, forget worry and annoyance; Remember to add clothes, health and peace forever; Drink plenty of boiled water, which is beautiful and cheap; Travel should be safe and happiness is always accompanied;

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6. The north wind blows cold and ushers in the beginning of winter in the twinkling of an eye; Clear frost and cold floc all over the ground, thinking of the surging dark tide; Add clothes to keep warm and antifreeze, and worry about everything with the wind; Dream every night, relax day and night; Short greetings, long love, may you have a happy winter! 7. At the beginning of winter, it turns cold, SMS blessing to convey the truth; Cold wind howls, snowflakes float, increase clothes to keep warm and prevent colds; More exercise, may Jun'an, longevity and health live for a hundred years; True feelings, love transmission, and cherish each other for a long time; I wish you a beautiful and healthy winter. 8. In this world, there is a kind of happiness from the consideration of friends, a kind of happiness from your love, a kind of blessing always sent from the bottom of your heart, a kind of greeting sent warm care, missing is always in the changing days, the beginning of winter is coming, may your winter be full of sunshine. 9. The spirit of winter has quietly fallen to the world. You see, her naughty figure is left everywhere in the mountains and streets. Last night, she jumped to my window and asked me to bring her most beautiful greetings to you: happy beginning of winter! 10. Year after year, it's winter again. It was cold last winter, so be more careful this year. Years are long and cold. I'm old. "The beginning of winter" comes, blessing: friends sleep lazily, add clothes to keep warm, happy time, good health and happiness. When you are young, you should be in a hurry to prevent patients. Health care is very important. Calcination is good for warming up.

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11. Lidong is the starting point of happiness; Please pay attention to cooling; Exercise, the key points to ensure health; Happiness is the starting point of blessing; Blessing is the key point of SMS; I wish you will always be the focus of attention; Happiness and sweetness have no end! Happy Lidong! 12. In winter, the harvest is not only cold, but also the floating snowflakes, which are dancing for us; And the thick fog, which is playing hide and seek with our door; And the cheerful sparrow, it is happy to our door. This Lidong, happy Lidong; This Lidong, beautiful Lidong. 13. At the beginning of winter, the cold is thick, the frost is clear, and the cold flocs float on the ground; Distant people, read in their hearts, a greeting in winter; Send blessings, thousands of words, turn into warmth and moisten the bottom of my heart; I hope the beginning of winter solar term is healthy and happy, and everything goes well. 14. Snowflakes cause missing, desolate cold wind adds melancholy, thousands of mountains and rivers are difficult to meet, and the feeling of thinking of you is getting stronger and stronger. My heart comes with greetings. The temperature is low at the beginning of winter, don't forget to add clothes when it is cold, eat to ensure health, and exercise properly. 15. When Lidong comes, it's cold. Let's warm hands and send you blessings. I wish you happiness. I hope you are happy. Hold hands gently and send you greetings. Lidong is cold. Go out and add more clothes. Go to bed at night, cover the bedding, keep warm, beware of colds. Lidong is happy.

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