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What are the three seasons of cold dew and what are the customs

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cold dew is the seventeenth of the twenty-four solar terms. It usually occurs on October 8 or 9 of the Gregorian calendar every year when the sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian. In ancient China, cold dew was divided into three periods. In this issue, the old yellow calendar will take you to know what the three periods of cold dew are and what customs they have.


what are the three seasons of the cold dew? "First, the goose guests; second, the bird into the flood is a clam; third, the chrysanthemum has yellow flowers." in this solar term, the goose move south in a zigzag or herringbone queue; It was cold in late autumn, and the birds disappeared. The ancients saw a lot of clams suddenly appear on the beach, and the stripes and colors of the shells were very similar to those of birds, so they thought they were birds; The third phase of "chrysanthemum begins to yellow" means that chrysanthemums have generally opened at this time.


cold dew have some customs


farming customs. The weather is very favorable for the autumn harvest in cold dew. The agricultural proverb is: yellow smoke peanuts should also be collected. Catch adult fish and pick lotus root thicken. Soybeans are harvested in the cold open air, pomegranates and hawthorn are picked. Cold dew peach is a late maturing peach variety in the north. Its maturity is before and after cold dew, so it is called "cold dew peach".


Maple Leaf viewing customs there are maple leaf viewing customs in many places. The famous sentence "frost leaves are red in February" refers to the customs of this season. However, there are no red maple leaves in the cold dew solar term, and there are only red maple leaves in late autumn.

the custom of appreciating chrysanthemums. Every season, we are looking for flowers suitable for its spiritual temperament. The lunar September with the arrival of cold dew, also known as chrysanthemum month, is the month of chrysanthemum. Unlike most flowers in full bloom in spring and summer, chrysanthemums are out of season flowers. The heavier the frost and dew, the more gorgeous the chrysanthemums are.


the custom of eating flower cakes. Because the weather is getting colder and the trees, flowers and plants are about to wither, people call it "leaving the green". To climb the mountain in September, you have to eat flower cakes. Because "high" is homonymous with "cake", Yingjie cake is called "Double Ninth Festival flower cake", which means "rise step by step". Flower cakes mainly include "brown flower cake", "fine flower cake" and "money flower cake". Brown flower cake may be marked by sticking some coriander leaves with dried fruits such as green fruit, jujube and walnut kernel in the middle. There are three or two layers of fine flower cake. There are fine preserved fruits in the middle of each layer, such as preserved apple, preserved peach, preserved apricot, black jujube and so on. Money cake is basically the same as fine cake. But it is small, like "money", and it is mostly the food of the upper class nobles.


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