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How about spring exercise and health preservation

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As the old saying goes,

, when we do anything, we need to adapt to the weather, what to eat and what to exercise. Otherwise, it will get twice the result with half the effort. Do you know how to exercise and keep fit in the beginning of spring to achieve the best effect of exercise? Let's go to the old yellow calendar and have a look!


in terms of climate change, the wind change is more prominent in spring. "Su Wen Feng Lun" says: "the wind is the root of all diseases." in the beginning of spring, wind evil invades the human body, often manifested as wandering joint pain. The pain on the top of the head, behind the ears, shoulder and back, elbow and arm are related to the partial victory and invasion of spring wind evil.


at the beginning of spring, it is just when the Yang of the human body begins to grow and the pores open. As soon as the weather is cold, it is easy to be attacked by spring cold and catch a cold and fever. Moreover, after a winter, the adaptability to the cold decreases, and it is often difficult to resist the changeable temperatures of cold and warm in early spring. Exercise is a good preventive method. It is forbidden to keep the Yang quiet and active. Everything is old in spring and the air is fresh. It is a good time to adopt the natural Qi to keep the Yang. More outdoor exercise, yoga, Tai Chi, or walking by the river in the park can not only improve the mood and nourish the nature, but also make the Qi and blood unobstructed, disperse the stagnant Yang, and reduce the occurrence of diseases. But to avoid excessive exercise, so that sweating.


were very popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The specific actions are as follows: practice this skill between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. every day, adjust your breath by luck, eliminate distractions, adjust your breathing to be extremely slender and slow, then sit cross legged, press your hands on your legs, rotate your upper limbs and head and neck to both sides, shrug your shoulders, lift your body up, 3 ~ 5 times each, and swallow the body fluid in your mouth into your Dantian three times. It has a good effect on the treatment of qi stagnation, headache, pain behind the ear, shoulder and back, back pain, elbow and arm pain and so on. At the beginning of spring,


should also often massage the liver, spleen and stomach. The specific methods are as follows:


① hold your hands flat, stand on one foot, gently hold your heels, relax your heels after holding for 3-5 seconds, do one foot for 5 times, and then change the other foot. Cycle for 3-5 minutes to feel clear headed. ② spread your legs, shoulder width apart, and keep your toes facing forward to maintain the center of gravity of your body and keep your body in a relaxed state. Palm inward, raise your right arm as close to the back of your ear as possible, and extend your fingertips upward. The arm drives the body to the left to press and stretch, and carefully feel the muscle stretch of the right rib. After bouncing up and down for 15s, repeat this action on the other side. Don't force when pressing, just have a slight tension.


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